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25nl Deep - Turn play w/ top set

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  • 25nl Deep - Turn play w/ top set

    I must say all this deep play is really interesting. Loving all the tough decisions i'm having to make Stats VPIP: 46, PFR: 11, 3B: 4, AF: 2.1, Hands: 144 Just wondering if we should fast play or slow play top set here vs a fish. I figure a lot of hands can kill our action from undersets, given the board is a 3 straight. I figure the best chance I have of stacking him is fast playing the turn. If he has a straight, so be it, we have outs. Thoughts?

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    i agree with fastplaying for the reasons you mentioned
    more combos of random sets 2pairs and pair w/ straight draw etc than made straights
    and yes lot of rivers where you'll not be wanting to bet so pfft i think reraise and pray to poker gods is the line to take


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      Since villain seems to be a #fischigespieler judging on his sizing I'm in no way worried about getting action killed by just a couple of straightening cards. I'm much more worried about killing the action from worse if we come over the top superstrong on this turn given the action. We're crushing the board so I'd let him fire off to me and not risk getting it in against straights this deep (which are actually quite likely given the structure of the board and which would be a pretty big mistake). You can still raise all nonstraightening rivers (which are a lot) and get max value from 2 pair + then.
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