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25nl zoom 9Js 6-10 straight on board with BD flush

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  • 25nl zoom 9Js 6-10 straight on board with BD flush

    Hi PSO

    UTG is recreational playing 40/10 on 10 hands
    MP is a regular 23/19 899 hands
    BB is a tight regular 13/9 64 hands

    Poker Stars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (6 handed) - Poker Stars Converter Tool from

    saw flop | saw showdown

    Button ($13.19)
    SB ($54.67)
    BB ($27.98)
    UTG ($10.75)
    MP ($39.67)
    Hero (CO) ($26.25)

    Preflop: Hero is CO with 9, J
    UTG calls $0.25, MP calls $0.25, Hero calls $0.25, 2 folds, BB checks

    Flop: ($1.10) 6, 8, 7 (4 players)
    BB checks, UTG checks, MP checks, Hero bets $0.70, BB calls $0.70, 2 folds

    Turn: ($2.50) 10 (2 players)
    BB checks, Hero bets $1.60, BB calls $1.60

    River: ($5.70) 9 (2 players)
    BB checks, Hero bets $4.60, BB raises $25.43 (All-In), Hero....(All-In)

    I think this is an interesting hand from preflop. I decided to limp behind UTG and MP because I felt 9Js have more potential on a multiway pot, and UTG being short, if I isolate to something like 1.5 there wont be many room to draw or have good implied odds, I rather isolate on this situation with something like ATo. Also if somebody behind puts the 2nd bet I can decide after UTG MP act, what to do, If I isolate and somebody 3bets, I am more likely to have to fold my hand. Thoughts on this?

    Flop and turn are standard.
    On the river when a 13/9 CR to all-in I am like
    I was not afraid of the JQ straight really but the backdoor flush since he checked from the BB preflop there are some combinations of 5dXd, 6dXd and 8dXd

    call or fold?

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    Easy fold. umbup:


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      the worst card in the deck , he might do it with another Jx, but I don't think it's a good idea to call shove on the wet board , I need more reasons to bluff catch there. He doesn't have sets there, he doesn't have two pair combos there . and your hand is just bluff catcher.


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        BB is a tight regular 13/9 64 hands This is the key piece of information as you have indicated in your OP. Villain is never bluffing here, which means he is never bluffing you off a chop. Which means the bottom of his value range is JX, which we chop with. When we are calling to chop we need a really good price, because our price is twice as bad. But villain can have other hands that beat us, namely a flush. Villain really isn't going to be getting out of line here, will have enough flushes to ruin our chances of having a reasonable price in this spot. It is not an 'easy fold' per se but I have a basic litany I go through here: - Is villain capable of bluffing me off a chop (y/n) = No - Is villain interested in bluffing me off a chop (if capable) = No Therefore, villain is never bluffing Do we chop with the bottom of villain's value range? Yes. Do they have a larger value range that goes up past our hand's strength? Yes. Therefore, fold. umbup:



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