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2NL Flop Turn or River

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  • 2NL Flop Turn or River

    Really not sure when to fold this, is it pre-flop, flop, turn or river? Stats over 45 hands are 20/15/AF2. My thinking pre-flop was re-steal, but now I'm realising I probably don't have enough information or history to make this judgement. Is it therefore a fold? Flop, I hit top pair, and he could c-bet with any broadway ace so I call. Turn, at the time I'm thinking the same. I'm now thinking value hands = JJ, QQ, KK, AA, AJ, so really the only legitimate 3bet hands I beat that are bluffing are AK and AQ, and even they could have a spade, so this is probably the fold point if I didn't fold preflop? River feels fairly clear to me, unless I'm mistaken?

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    I'd say fold this preflop against most people. If you do flop a pair you are still behind against overpairs and you can easily be dominated by AQ or maybe even AJ. If you do call then the call on the flop is fine. Turn is a pretty clear fold however, unless you have a very strong read on the guy.

    Don't forget that 2NL is all about getting value with strong hands from fish, not about calling off multiple streets with marginal hands


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      Hi Jameisus,

      I think maDe91 made a clear point; If we are deeper and against an aggressive opponent I would consider calling but against most people this is a fold for me. As played, I call flop and fold turn. When the villain bets twice on this flop in a 3bet pot then be ready to face a river bet which we cannot call so fold earlier on the turn i think.


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        You need stronger hands to face 3bets Fold preflop.. You went into battle with Queen high and burned 1/4 of your stack. (and being suited will only make QJ win 1 or 2% more often) These kind of plays often turn winning sessions into losing or break even ones umbup: Even post flop in this situation I would much prefer a strong draw to hitting one pair, with this bad hand



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