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2NL When to fold

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  • 2NL When to fold

    This was a terrible hand I played, but I'd like to know when I should be slowing down / folding this. I c-bet the flop for value / protection, but when he raises, is this a fold, or a call? I only have 34 hands on him, but he is 19/8/AF1, so looking tight / fishy / passive? Thinking about it like that, it's a clear fold on the flop?

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    Top pair no kicker on a flop with no draws at all looks pretty terrible to a raise.

    While checkraising dry boards when your villain is cbet happy is a good move to have in your repertoire sometimes, especially considering it's 2NL I'd give them credit for a hand until their play gives me reason not to.


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      Don't call the raise. Your hand is too weak.

      A note on cbetting. If you bet around 50% pot then you will need to get villain to fold as low as 35% or greater for it to be profitable in the long run provided that you give up once called. Although we don't know if this villian folds to a cbet greater than 35% of the time, taking all villains that you play against on the whole will maek it profitable in the long run. I know because I am making money doing this and I do play 2nl. Although this approach ain't going to give you a high win rate (decisions should be based on what our opponents do) in situations like this where you are unsure of villians tendencies, etc, just give him credit for a stronger hand than yours (which is highly likely when he raises the flop) and just give up and fold.

      Just some of my thoughts that you might want to consider.


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        Hi Jameisus,

        What is villain representing on 822? The villain flat called in the SB. I expect them to have alot of PPs, Axs, AQ, AJ, KQ, KJs. But this is a kind of board that is so hard to connect with so when they raise they will either have a hand like A2 that did not slow play, an overpair, or some random bluff with a hand like KQ, KJ that figures that this flop will not hit us either. But I think getting the money in OTF is bad as we fold out hands that we beat and they continue with hands that beat us. With the backdoor flush and position I'm inclined to call their flop raise and reevaluate turn because I expect to see some bluffs in their range; But I don't fault folding either because of their stack size but sticking the rest in is going to be -EV on the long run.


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          Opponents usually only bluff when they feel weakness

          If you show strength by betting and get raised, you will burn a lot of chips trying to catch bluffs.. And a bluff is all you could beat on this board.



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