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NL10SH - JJ from BB multiway, unsure of flop/turn

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  • NL10SH - JJ from BB multiway, unsure of flop/turn

    Poker Stars, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 5 Players Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite. CO: $15.53 (155.3 bb) BTN: $11.26 (112.6 bb) Hero (SB): $10.35 (103.5 bb) BB: $10 (100 bb) MP: $21.35 (213.5 bb) Preflop: Hero is SB with J J MP folds, CO raises to $0.30, BTN calls $0.30, Hero calls $0.25, BB folds Flop: ($1) 2 T 8 (3 players) Hero checks, CO bets $0.60, BTN calls $0.60, Hero raises to $1.50, CO folds, BTN calls $0.90 Turn: ($4.60) 3 (2 players) Hero bets $2.20, BTN raises to $4.40, Hero folds Results:

    $9 pot ($0.40 rake) Final Board: 2 T 8 3 BTN mucked and won $8.60 ($4.60 net) Hero mucked J J and lost (-$4 net) [/spoiler] Firstly is flatting the BB a mistake, should I 3bet to say 1.20? On the flop I was considering check/calling then betting the turn but with 2 other players and lots of potential overcards I decided to check-raise instead, bet the turn and check river. Dont have a read on villain so I fold as this looks like a set or T8. He later 4bet my BB resteal on the button and 6bet stacked it with AJ against my AK with this knowledge do my options on the turn change? Can I profitably shove this turn and get calls from tens as he seems very aggressive?

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    Checkraising is just spew unless you have a dynamic that'll call down with A high (not in this scenario as it's MW) because you rep f-all.

    I much prefer squeezing with a hand like JJ. This is due to a few reasons

    a) I wanna be squeezing CO vs BTN flats extremely wide so I need to have JJ in my value range otherwise i'll be too bluff heavy.

    b) They have wider ranges in these positions so we don't have to worry about valueowning ourselves.

    In this hand we are playing JJ pre the same as 44. Bit of a leak.

    As played we just overplay our hand 3 way and we get punished for it by the btn who has an extremely strong range given his line on this board.

    I think a fold is fine once he m/raises.


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      My standardline preflop would be to squeeze this hand for value and try to isolate one of the villains. This is especially important if one or both of the guys are recreational players that you definitely want to play heads up. You can ofc call, it's by no means a -EV play but it's definitely tougher to play postflop in a sandwich OOP lacking initiative with a vulnerable pair like this.

      Depending on who the two players are and how they play I guess there can be merits to check/raising small OTF. It's kind of reproducing the preflop situation where you try to force out one player and get value from the worse hands in the weaker player's range (given that one of them is a weaker player). The CO will probably also bet this flop with a wide range including bluffs with overcards so why not.

      Standardplay would again be to check/call and see how the board develops.

      As played I like your turn b/f, don't think BTN will be bluffing here much and only calldown worse after your strong line.
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