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  • KK v AA

    Hi All Was this move to aggressive? The player had been play ferly slandered but hadn’t been 3bet against so had no idea how he would react. So my question is should I have played as is (would someone be 4beting with QQ JJ or even 10s?) am I on average ahead here? Or should I have just called then checked fold the flop? Thanks for your help

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    It's just a cooler, if you're gonna fold KK to 4bets that's abusable, calling and check/folding makes less sense if you're fearing AA which is ahead regardless, unless you're actually trying to setmine, Villain had already invested 1/3 of his stack and likely was pot commited regardless.

    Especially considering he was shortstacked you should just be happy paying him off the 4% or so of the time you do actually run into AA with KK

    Don't fold KK preflop unless you have really solid reads on the villain
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      A "standard" player, one against whom you have no true effective reads, will raise quite widely over a single limper from the BTN; this means your initial 3bet is just fine.

      When he 4bets you, the only reason to consider folding is if you can think he has specifically AA. Without effective reads you can think at least some of the time the BTN villain will tend to be on a strong but 2nd best hand to 4bet. This means that at least a CALL is certainly reasonable.

      Given the depth of money, where your 5bet was barely over a pot size bet vs the effective stack (IF you chose to flat instead) when you made it PF, it is entirely reasonable to try getting that money in immediately with KK in my opinion, to prevent the flop either bringing trouble for you (making you potentially reluctant to stand, or behind) or potential scare cards for your opponent (so he may not pay you off).

      Yes, sometimes the villain will have AA here, but with a lack of reads the play of this hand was pretty "standard".
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        Hi Michae,

        Without player specific reads, 3B/get it in is just fine vs. a button isolation raise from an 81bb stack. I would expect them to have QQ+, AKs+ at a bare minimum in their stack off range here.
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          Thanks for your comments you have all confirmed my thoughts when playing the hand, it’s one of thoughts thing when you make a play and lose you start to wonder if it was the right play in the first place.

          Thanks again



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