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10NL 6max - Don't 4bet btn AK seeing 3bet

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  • 10NL 6max - Don't 4bet btn AK seeing 3bet


    Another big slick I'm not comfortable with and no reads on a Zoom table.

    Action: Min open utg, then the co makes a biggish 4x+ raise. This shows a range that wants to pay for position? I'm thinking I don't want to stack off with btn AKo so just call.

    Here a donk bet is for protection* (in 2003 = information) and happy to allow the turn to check through. Made tweet note and honestly I ranged the villain on the exact hand to call the river. So it's 1 : 45,000,000 lottery odds on that happening again.

    How would you play this hand?
    1) So 4bet pre
    2) Don't donk flop
    3) Keep initiative on turn

    *I watched a PSO video there are actually 4 reasons for betting not the 2, value or bluff. The 3rd is for protection and I just forgot the 4th.

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    Hi ForrestFive

    I like calling preflop. You have position on everyone. The UTG raiser is yet to act and 4b is going to narrow V6's range considerably. Moreover, you don't have a made hand yet. So, I agree, I don't want to get all in preflop in this spot.

    On the flop, you have tptk on a paired board. I don't see many 8x hands in either villain's range. So, the only hands that are beating you are KK and AA and you have blockers to both making that less likely. Since it checks around to you, I would bet the flop for value. There are enough pocket pairs Ax and Kx hands in their ranges, that I would expect at least one villain to call.

    The turn makes a flush draw possible, but not much else. Now is when a read would help. Nonetheless, if the villain were holding KK or AA, he most likely would have either check-raised the flop or lead out on the turn for value. Since he passed these two chances I would assume you have the best hand atm.

    Now, is v6 likely to call another bet with middle pair or some other hand you are beating? Or, can we expect him to take a stab at the pot on the river if we check behind? I like checking behind as you did. If the villain checks the river, we can still make a value bet and hope to get called. But, checking may encourage him to lead out on the river with hands we are beating. The board is fairly safe for us. So, let's give the villain a chance to make a mistake.

    On the river, the villain does lead out. The 6 looks pretty safe for us. So, we most likely have the best hand. You ranged him on QQ. I would think 99, 1010, JJ and QQ may all be in his range as well as some Kx hands like KQ, KJs and AK. We seem to be beating most of his range. Therefore, calling is definitely going to be +ev. However, this looks like a potential spot to raise for even more value. Many players will have a hard time folding tp in this spot and perhaps a few pairs like JJ and QQ. You put the villain on QQ as well. If he folds we are not losing any value. There are hands in his range that will sometimes call a small raise. And there are not many hands in his range that are beating us.

    I don't often recommend such aggressive lines with tptk hands, but this looks like a good spot for it.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      Thanks Roland, You are thinking way beyond my ranging. I go with, it's that one or two hand combos or: 1) only better will call - don't bluff, a bet without purpose 2) worse will fold - no value, again the bet has no purpose I like the idea of raising the river, never even considered that. I think the terminology is "thin value" and "balance range" the times you do so. Are we ever bluffed off there with a re-raise? Well 66, 33 doesn't make much sense pre. Though AA, 88 didn't slow play and a bit aggro for 88 then back to, it's that one hand again. Found the video on reasons to bet: 1) value 2) bluff 3) protection 4) "Information bet" (it's actually in there but it's not called "find out where we are?") 5) semi-bluff (bluffing equity draws) Thanks for your analysis. umbup:


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        We have the nuts against his range.

        -> bet/bet/shove



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