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10NL ZOOM 6-max. Q-high flushh facing 3bet OTF

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  • 10NL ZOOM 6-max. Q-high flushh facing 3bet OTF

    Facing 3bet after check-raising. Was really confused about the 3B. Since it's BTN vs SB, I want to keep all his bluff range in. Also he could con't to bet all his sets and any AhXx hands. Obv turn and river is a nasty one. Could he really be betting worst here? An Overpair with a heart is all I could beat, which I don't think villain is making a thin value bet to begin with. Looking back, I don't really like the flat OTF, should have try to put all the money OTF. Not sure why I was skeptical about villain putting all his stack with lots of worst hand(sets, OPs, FDs).
    Last edited by MaTaKazer; Sun Feb 02, 2014, 07:41 PM.

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    I don't like flatting pre. It's going to be very hard to play a drawry hand OOP.

    There is no reason to just call flop. He will have a wider stack off range OTF than OTT and he has a lot of Ah and Kh in the hands he 3bets the flop with (KhKx AhAx etc).

    He will also stack off with straights and sets on this flop which may fold if scary cards come on the turn.

    I think we should shove over his flop 3b.


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      Hey matakazer,

      flatting preflop from the SB against a minraise with your hand can be problematic if your average villains on both the BU and BB are active/aggressive players. You're not going to close the action preflop and you're going to have to play a marginal hand OOP without initiative. If you figure your opponents to be rather straightforward/weak/passive I think flatting becomes a decent option even in that position.

      OTF I would just get it in with villain. He can be playing any sets, overpairs with hearts or the nutflushdraw like this which are all hands that can take a lot of heat here. As he may still have all overpairs and a couple of bluffs in his range by the river I think calling river would be my play especially given the odds we are getting. His size OTR also doesn't look particularly strong (may indicate thin value with an overpair).
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        Thanks for the input guys. It was after reviewing the hand, did I find out it was such a waste to not stick it all in OTF. However, I don't think at these stake villain would be betting their OPs thinly, given the action OTF and the runout, hence the fold.



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