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5nl TP facing a small turn raise

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  • 5nl TP facing a small turn raise

    Villain unknown I try to keep myself in the mindset that people are not bluffing me as much as it can seem. I foud that to be a big issue when I move up to 5nl. So is this classical baluga or does this raise smell fishy to you and should we call given the small size? With what range are villains raising 2 x generally, and particularly here after a call on the flop?
    Last edited by Praydk; Sun Feb 02, 2014, 12:57 PM.

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    Hi Praydk

    Against an unknown, I will normally give them credit for a real hand. Here a set seems most probable, or perhaps a straight. You have top pair, but your kicker is uncertain. Even if you improve to two pair, we are still losing to a set. You are getting good odds to continue, but I think we will very often be facing an all in raise or bet on the river which I don't think we can profitably. As played, I lean toward folding to the turn raise. However, this spot may have been avoidable.

    You have a single pair hand. In general, I wouldn't try for more than two streets of value. So, either bet-bet-check or bet-check-bet. Here the board is fairly safe, so I would normally check back the turn with the intention of calling a normal river bet or betting myself if it is checked to me. This line would help keep the villain's range wide. It still gains us two streets of value. But it has the advantage of making it a bit easier for us to get to the showdown.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      Is the board really safe having flush and straight draws?


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        It is not completely dry, but it is less likely that the villain called preflop with 56 for the straight. The flush is a definite possibility. Nonetheless, if the villain was aggressive with his draws, he probably would have bet or check-raised the flop. Since he didn't, I feel it is safe enough to check behind.

        As played, check-raising the turn imo looks more like a made hand. A set seems to best fit with his line, but a straight is possible. Since your hand isn't going to improve to beat any of those hands on the river. I prefer folding now. If you had AJ, we might want to call and reevaluate on the river.


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          Few weaks ago I cheked about 50 hands of NL10 6max hand were rased on turn and went to showdown. Full stack Vilain usualy raises polarized range so in general wery litle or no Top pair combos. abou 67% of hands were Set or beter 12% 2pair combos 12% weak pair or draws 10% Air . Conclusion I wouid made call if raise is not big (2-2.5x) and fold on river. Here you need just 17% Equity to call.

          Of course its small sample and its about vilains with full stack. Need more data but some inkling we can have. i also noticed dozen of times rec players rasing ther middle pairs for i dont know that reasons.

          And if you don call i will min-raise every your turn c-bet and make autoprofit because i gues you fold more than 50% of your C-Bet range. Joke... but some times can become true.
          Last edited by A Beatmaker; Wed Feb 05, 2014, 01:32 PM.



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