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Playing at peak times, Good or Bad?

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  • Playing at peak times, Good or Bad?

    Hi all,

    It has been on my mind the last couple of sessions I have been losing quite consistently at the 10nl zoom 6-max tables (not a whine I promise), mainly at peak times. However, whenever i play at a quieter time my winrate is typically okay.

    I haven't done the maths to justify this its just an observation as of now.

    I feel more comfortable when i play against regs as i can see and understand patterns and they are trying to reperesent

    I guess i'm just not used to the high level of variance that comes with playing the weaker players and they seem pretty unpredictable so it's hard to put them on something

    Does anybody else have a similar experience so I feel as though i'm not going crazy?

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    It's very likely to be the higher variance that is always present when lots of poor decision makers are on the felt.


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      Originally posted by Swaggerbond View Post
      Does anybody else have a similar experience so I feel as though i'm not going crazy?
      Same here. Intuition tells me it should be easier in the evening (European time) when many players are online but I also made the experience that I seem to be unable to make money especially after 10pm. Maybe the South Americans are tougher opponents ?

      It's especially unfortunate when I'm stuck and try to get even for the day... It's pointless.

      Glad you opened that thread because I also thought it might be my subjective experience/imagination.


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        Looser players => greater variance.

        Bear in mind that greater variance also means bigger WINS as well as losses.

        In the short run, you can lose a few big pots against bad players, but in the long run those players are the biggest donators. FWIW, I've experienced major losses on Friday nights (when villains hit strange gutshots with 74o and stuff like that), but I've also had some of my biggest profits playing against people that appear to be drunk.
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          Just checked my database and the late evenings (Euro time) have been my best time results-wise overall. Pickings have been slim in the afternoon and early evening by comparison. However, I can certainly well remember a number of disastrous late evening sessions where the fish picked my bones clean. Just goes to show that the winning sessions don't stick in the mind so readily.

          I agree with the proposition that variance is likely to be higher later in the evening when there are more reckless players about, but not sure how to prove it. I tried looking at rake generated, but surprisingly there was no immediately noticeable difference between the rate of rake at different times of day.

          Strangely, I have done well in the mornings too, not that I play much then. I suspect that's just a small sample size combined with the fact that I would have to be feeling pretty alert and keen to play to be logging on to Pokerstars at that time of day. so maybe I just concentrated harder and played better.


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            I find variance can get very crazy at peak times. Weekends being the worst.

            Got allin Yesterday (Saturday) 56 times with an EV BB/100 figure of +597, but ended up with a -21.5 BB/100 number. Nasty. Very nasty.

            I don't see horrid numbers like that if I'm playing week day mornings. Guess less dumb arse shoves means less suck outs and beats.

            Keep saying I'll stop playing at weekends and save myself a lot of stress.


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              Thanks for all the feedback. I guess I've only witnessed the nasty side of variance at peak times. Just gotta take the knocks and get on with it I guess!


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                I have the same. However, in my case it’s not variance but my skill that is not good enough to adapt to a new ”average player” as xflixx calls them.

                Every time I open a table I look “average players on pot” and try to rethink my game. Sometimes with success nowadays. The basic thrill is to loosen up against tighter players and tighten up when the tables are wild.

                Also, hand reading comes, at least lower limits, more action depended and it’s not good practice to make assumptions like no way he will call 2 streets with a gutter.
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                  Weekend players are totally crazy from my experience. Loose is too weak of a word to describe how loose they play ....


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                    At the weekend's i play 2 zoom table's instead of 4,I find this works great.add a 3rd if you're playing your A game and not spewing chips.also just be careful when a recreational player starts firing can be too easy sometime's to write off these player's as useless and you can end up value owning yourself in a lot of spot's with average hands



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