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5nl FR zoom, call or fold to river shove

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  • 5nl FR zoom, call or fold to river shove

    Two hands where I faced a shove on the river with a big pocket pair. I think calling these river all-ins is a big leak in my play... First hand I have KK, get called from small blind, no stats or reads. When I shoves the river I know I am up against either a set or Q9, possibly AQ which I am beating, but either way I think this should be a fold. Second hand I have QQ and hit top set. Villain is 23/14 from 22 hands (and I have a note saying he has played draws aggressively). The board comes low and straighty. This time I think I have to call the river shove, he could be shoving with a lower set, possibly ever KK/AA slowplayed, the only hand with an 8 that plays this way is 88 or Q8 (unlikely as I have the queens). Thoughts?

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    Hi kisobel,

    Please post 1 hand to a thread, it's easier to follow discussion.

    I actually think folding in both cases is fine. I feel stronger about the 2nd hand tbh... the only set that makes any sense is 66, all other sets I would expect to be raising earlier in the hand. It just looks like a spot to me where we get shown 88 a ton, or T8s. The first hand it's like really, the 9 helped you? But a hand like T9 does make sense, as well as 9hXh. In both cases the big river shove looks like pure value to me. KK is easier to fold than top set for sure, but in the latter hand I really think his value range is only 88 and T8 and he's just very unlikely to show up with anything else.
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