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2nl Zoom AA Strange turn shove or insta fold?

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  • 2nl Zoom AA Strange turn shove or insta fold?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, i just wanted to see if anyone was thinking along the same lines as me in this hand or weather i was just trying to see what i wanted to. Unfortunately i dont have info on this villan playing in the zoom pool. I 3bet pre,they call utg,when they re-raise me on the flop i didnt think that was 100% Jacks full i think they could be raising that board with QQ or A high+ pocket pairs etc. So i decided to flat and re-access turn, i check turn because i'm not really prepared to stack off this deep with a one pair hand, but then they just over shove and i thought wow are you really shoving jacks full like that given you want to get value from your monster. I just thought this play looked strange to me but what do you think? insta fold or deeper consideration to this what i perceived as not making a great deal of sense if its JJ here. Thanks

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    This deep, with one pair, I think it is a snap fold against someone without some read that they can do this with just TP or worse.


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      Hi Nashy,

      This deep there's nothing wrong with folding... although the depth of money has been reduced by the preflop action as well so the stack to pot ratio is 10... not crazy deep.

      I may surprise here, but I favor calling off. His value range that is beating us is incredibly narrow here, basically just JJ. It's hard to see him making his way through the preflop action with a 5 in his hand. Is it possible he might play QQ or KK this way? I think it may be at 2NL. If he flopped a *****d hand like J's full, would he play it so fast? Maybe, but many don't. What I'm getting at is, this looks a lot like what an inexperienced player may do with QQ to "protect his hand" from an ace or king coming. When you don't reraise him on the flop, he thinks he's good, and just wants to end it on the turn before you "catch him".

      If he would play JJ this fast 100% of the time, then there are 3 card combos of this holding. KK/QQ there are 12 card combos... so we only need him to do this with one of these two hands 25% (3/12) of the time to be breaking even. If he does it just half the time with KK/QQ, we are profitable stacking off. If he slowplays JJ sometimes, we are profitable.

      Again, no big problem with the fold, but I feel like I have a decent case for calling off here.
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