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2NL Full Ring Turn: Fold?

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  • 2NL Full Ring Turn: Fold?

    I am posting my hand review as YouTube Link.

    My thought process was...

    He either had a queen or king (for some reason not both).

    May be like KJ, QJ, KT because of his min raise

    On the Turn, when he bet, I knew he got a King pair.

    For some reason, I wanted to see the river (I think I should not have because he had King pair. To beat his king pair, I only had 7 outs)

    Also, now looking back. I should have check on the river to see what value he offers because he could have easily raised or give me the chance to fold.

    Are there any more bad moves you can spot?

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    Hi aznhaxor,

    Did you have a read/stats on the villain? I ask because against an unknown, I would fold A10s from ep. The villain's range includes a lot of hands that dominate us AJ, AQ and AK. Also, if another player left to act decides to 3b we are goin to have a problem.

    On the flop, you have some outs with a gutshot draw and maybe an ace. This is not a good spot to be raising. Calling can be fine. You can use your position to control the pot size. Raising as you did simply builds the pot in a spot where you presumably do not have the best hand.

    On the turn I would definately fold. The villain's line looks strong and the only sure outs you have are the three non-heart Js. Just fold now. You are not getting the odds to coninue.

    I would have checked back the river as well. You now have top pair, but this is not a good spot to make a thin value bet. Check it down and hope you are ahead.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      True. Your words totally make sense. Ummm. For reading/stats, I tried using PokerTracker two days ago. However, I do not understand how to interpret the Hub Profile numbers. I know the definition of VPIP/PFR/CBet/etc. But, in low micro stake NLHE, is 20 VPIP low or is 40PFR high or etc? I just do not know how to translate those numbers to my play... I do not know the standard number for average players too... any video link that can help me out? Ty


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        I'm not a real expert on Full Ring Games so someone else might be able to give you what some ballpark figures are for those games.

        I'd highly recommend watching some of TheLangolier's "statistical sleuth" videos.

        Also PokerTracker has a "LeakTracker" that shows where your stats lie in relation to average winning players.



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