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2NL Full Ring Flop: Call or Raise?

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  • 2NL Full Ring Flop: Call or Raise?

    I am attaching my hand review as a YouTube link.

    Here was my though process:

    I saw two villains min bet.

    I did not have a made hand, so I decided to semi-bluff.

    To make my hand nuts, I needed "J", so I thought I might have more chance as bluffing.

    Instead of limping, I raised. However, villain 1 re-raised and I decided to fold.

    Should I have limp or call his re-raise?

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    "This video is private, sorry about that."

    Can you change your Youtube settings as I'm getting the same message for all the hands you posted.


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      Sorry.I did not realize that when I upload the video. I changed the setting. It should work now.


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        I think the villains stacksizes play a big role here. Lets first think about the case if both villains would be fullstacked here with 2$ each. In that case I would like your flopraise since villains ranges looks pretty weak and you can fold out small pairs and overcards with your raise, furthermore you can build a pot, so you can win a lot of money when you hit your straight. And with your backdoor FD you can also barrel any heart in that case.

        Problem here is that you play against two villains with shortstacks, so firstly they are gonna shove wider here vs your raise and secondly there is no big upside of building a pot on the flop here since you can still stack them with bets OTT and OTR.

        Thats why I would slightly prefer a call to a raise OTF here.

        After villains shove it does not really matter if you call or fold there imo. I calculated that you need 36% equity to call, so with your straight outs and your backdoor flush you have about that or slightly less. So fold is not bad there.


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          In general I think stealing pretty wide from the button is good, but a lot of the time you're doing it with the expectation (or hope) that the blinds fold.

          Bearing in mind this is 2NL and the two blinds might be more recreational players based on their stack size, they probably don't like to fold too much, certainly not to min bets. The good thing about stealing with T7s is that you might win a stack by the river if you're 100BB deep. The problem here is that the villains are less than 40BB deep and the chances are that the money will go all in before T7 has become a good hand. Therefore I'd just fold this preflop and wait for better value hands to pick off these guys with.

          I think almightybald has covered most points pretty well. Calling the flop donkbet here is far superior to raising. The board is very wet and your raise is unlikely to extract two folds. Furthermore you might as well try to realise the equity of your hand for very cheap as it will be fairly easy to get stacks in on the turn or river as applicable. What outs are good for you? It could be as wide as any T or any straight card. There could be a lot of reversed implied odds particularly if your one of your opponents is on a gutshot straight draw/flush draw combo.

          As played I'd fold to the raise because of all the reversed implied odds this hand throws up.


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            Omg thank you. Spand42 and almightbald, that analysis was priceless.



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