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5NL 6maxZ - Raise utg AKo, is this a back squeeze opportunity?

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  • 5NL 6maxZ - Raise utg AKo, is this a back squeeze opportunity?

    Hi guys,

    First, since the site update I'm not getting email notification on subscribed threads! If I forget to subscribe now, may have to search threads on "forrest talking rubbish"!

    So the "back squeeze" terminology? I posted a hand when a limper did squeeze to an isolation raise and over call. Here maybe this would be a correct (4bet*) opportunity I missed?

    *Just realised the bb did the minimum click back to the over call. So I could 4bet, it's not a cold 4bet? Should I do this Zoom no reads?

    Raising AKo utg I'm oop to the action and I don't like "big slick" anyway. My play is representing an over pair to the board that does not 4bet,squeeze? so QQ+, pre flop.

    My tweet/boom/review note at the time:
    OK very loose but I can have an over pair to the board better than villain at table Donati($0.02/$0.05)

    Not happy with my play:
    1) Pre flop - 4bet?
    2) Small bb cbet - I raised?
    3) Show down happy river but how would you play this hand?

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    Hi Forrest,

    Preflop I would prefer a 4bet here. Player 3 has a fishy stacksize and betsizing so - even though its always hard to range thoose villains - I think you can get called by a ton of worse hands if you 4 bet to something like 65 cents.

    OTF your betsize does not make a lot of sense imo, you can decide to just flat or put in a substantial raise like 70 cents to make him fold overcards or small pocketpairs. I would go the less variance line and just flat his tiny cbet though and reevaluate OTT, especially since there is a player left to act.

    OTT you are pretty much lost now after flatting his 3bet and not thining out his range OTF, so not sure if I prefer a bet or a check now actually. But your sizing is off again imo, you dont need to bet pot here, since you wont fold out overpairs anyway and you can fold out his worse hands (overcards and small PP) with less and also charge his few draws with less also, so I would bet 85 cents or just check behind.

    River shove is fine.


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      Hey Forrest,

      I'm not consistently winning at 5NL so take my 2 cents with caution but I'd actually play it a little different than almightybald.

      These ultra small 3bets almost always mean AA at 2NL but at 5NL these are normally strong hands weaker than AK/QQ+. So I would think you were up against TT/JJ/AQ or something like this.

      Pre flop I would 4-bet to isolate the BB. You don't want the other guy to stick around. If you don't 4-bet he doesn't have a choice but call also because of the price he is given.

      I like your raise on the flop because you want to get rid of the guy behind to you have position. It is very unlikely that the BB bet-folds on that flop because he 3 bet pre flop. So the sizing of the raise doesn't make a difference concerning the BB IMO (you see that when he calls the massive turn bet) but it might look suspicous to the guy behind you, so maybe a little bit bigger (and again he's getting a good price).

      Since you raised the flop the BB won't bet the turn and here I would take a free card and check the turn. If the Ace doesn't come on the river you can fold/check behind.

      The way you played it I wonder what your plan had been had there not been the Ace on the river. The BB has only 1/3 pot left so he is practically pot committed and unbluffable.

      So in short, I would 4-bet to isolate, raise flop, check turn, bet river.

      The way you played it you got his whole stack though. Difficult to get value with my line.


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        FYI if you chose to 4Bet here, this wouldn't be called a "back-squeeze" as you were the original raiser. If V5 had 4Bet over the top of your cold-call, that would be a back-squeeze.

        Anyway... I think 4Betting is the right play here, for value. In my experience when someone min-3Bet squeezes like this, it's usually with a medium strength hand, maybe some broadway hand or maybe even a low pair. You are way ahead of most of V3's range so just 4Bet for value and it's not a bad result if V5 decides to fold as he does have position on us.

        I agree with almightybald on the flop. I don't mind the raise as you've still likely got the best hand against V3, however I would make it bigger to extract more value. However you don't know what V5 is going to do and you could be well behind. Therefore calling is also fine.

        I don't like the turn play. It seems like you made this bet without really thinking about what are you trying to achieve. This guy is never folding a pair to a turn bet, you're going to have to be willing to fire a bomb on the river and I don't think that's wise against this villain. He might call with worse but your bet is too big and will scare of stuff like JT or A8 or whatever overcards he called the flop with. For this reason, you might consider betting smaller but I don't want to give villain the chance to do some silly check/raise.

        Checking is the best play, just utilise your position and re-evaluate the river with the aim of getting to a cheap showdown.

        Your river play is fine.


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          Thanks guys for the replies, Yes I realised after writing the title that this was not a back-squeeze but just a normal 4-bet opportunity. Agreed by all I should have raised again though I find 5NL sometimes a bit hit and miss regarding reading opponent by bet sizes. Taking a read that the minimum 3-bet is weak yes definitely I'd 4-bet. However I have a tendency not too stack off AK pre flop around full stack or deeper. On regular 6max tables I play 1/2 stack and will go with AK pre but this is Zoom and if 5-bet I'm sort of a believer it's AA/KK. My post flop play is representing an over pair that is not good enough to 3-bet. I was asked what I would do if not hitting the river? Well, I would still commit to the bluff and incorrectly bet the river if a smaller pair than I'm representing calls. As for my flop raise mixed views here. I was actually correcting the villain's small flop bet and starting to write my story. What hand opens utg, was over called and you made a ridiculously small 3-bet? It's 5NL so as said a bit hit and miss. If I'm writing a story some villains can't read. I'll put my hands up to not 4-betting pre then digging myself out of a hole. Bluff fancy play syndrome that got lucky. You guys were spot on with your hand reading. Player 3 mucked [8c,8s]. umbup: Since the site update, it's now proven: email notification on subscribed threads is not working.
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