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2NL 6 max Zoom, K8 suited

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  • 2NL 6 max Zoom, K8 suited

    Villain is unknown.

    Pre flop is pretty simple, raising on an unopened button and getting called which is fine

    On the flop I'm not really sure how to judge the min bet by the villain, in previous sessions I've played I've seen this and normally what they seem to have is a weak piece of the board. i.e. bottom pair. Not sure if that's right at all. I do realise that my raise was quite small relative to the pot, think that was a mistake.

    On the Turn I'm thinking about giving up to another bet if it was at the right size but I get checked to. Wasn't sure if I should have bet here to continue my bluff from the flop or not, think not betting wasn't a good move either.

    On the river I think that the check on the river shows weakness so I decide to take a stab at it.

    I think that I really need some advice on post flop play, often I'm in this type of situation where I will have pre flop aggression and someone will bet into me and I'm not sure how to interpret it.

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    1)min donkbet means either weak holding which you said or some kind of a draw.

    2)i dont like your line but thats just me. If i am villain i snap call on the river with 77. Like even if i didnt knew what you have lets see big pocket pairs bet turn, right? So when you check turn i rather think you do it with bottom of your range, and medium pairs vs that range i think do well.

    3)raise on the flop is kinda 50/50 i think but i would rather not execute it at zoom with no pair, no draw and one overcard. Then again we shouldnt probably fold to minbet so yes, if gonna stick around we might just raise, maybe we can take it down there. And i also think that when you raise OTF you have to bet turn.
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      Hey RamStatesman,

      you can just embed the boomplayer into our forum now by using "["boom"]"7219278_A08D95F196"[/"boom"]" (remove the " and just enter the boom code of the hand link).

      If you play cash with a shorter stack I would consider opening smaller especially in late positions to leave yourself a little more room postflop. I would advise buying in/rebuying up to 100bb but everyone likes to have different approaches. Just midn that with different stacksizes different handtypes become more/less valuable. In this spot on a stealraise with ~50bb and a hand as weak as K8s I would come in for 2,5bb, 2,25bb or even only a minraise.

      Postflop I usually treat a mindonk as a simple check as people just try to take down pots like this or stop you from being aggressive and see a cheap card. So if your plan was to cbet (which looks good on this board) I would go ahead and raie it like you did.

      I wouldn't necessarily bluff the river as your line may look a bit suspicious checking back the turn and signaling weakness. You may fold out some ace highs like the nutflushdraw and some weaker draws so maybe it's ok but I would also expect villain to not fold a pair very often now.
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