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25nl Session [youtube]

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  • 25nl Session [youtube]

    Played and recorded an hour 25nl session, mainly for testing out camtasia and recording settings.

    Thought i may as well post it here so you can see how much i spew in game.

    Obviously there's some mistakes in some areas so feel free to comment on spots you'd play differently etc.

    Oh and music might not be to everyones taste (had BBC1EXTRA running) so feel free to mute it.

    Link to vid:


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    Yes Birdayy!

    Can't wait to watch.



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      Will be interested in watching this when I get home.

      Probably saying 'Standard' and 'Fine' in an Aussie drawl at various points.

      Will be looking at doing something similar myself in the next week or so.


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        No live commentary unfortunately ^^


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          I meant to say that I would be saying those words, in my best effort at an Australian accent, while watching.

          I really enjoy watching live play sessions so this should be good watching.


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            Great! I watched the first 45 minutes so far and it's much appreciated. I try to learn poker and I think it's one of the best and easiest ways to do so watching sessions of winning players. There are some videos on youtube but not so many recent ones and I think poker might be different today then 4 years ago ... so thanks again and I hope you make more videos.

            One question though...for about the first 30 minutes you lose quite a bit, not big pots and I didn't count, but $5 here, $7 there, and then you win 3 big pots (up until minute 45) full house when a guy makes his flush, a set when you represent AQ+ on A74r when another guy flops top two, and a pot AQ > AJ. Is this how it normally goes? you lose here and there and the few pots you go to showdown with make your sessions?

            Speaking of the last pot (question two). That's a situaion where I have major diffculties.

            You have AcQs on the BTN (and lets assume villain opens and you call <when in reality villain limps and you raise>...would you normally call AQo on the BTN though or 3bet?) and flop comes 7d3hAd, you c-bet then turn 4h and you bet big, to charge a flush draw I assume, and the river is Ks and you bet big and get called.

            What if the villain leads the river - AK would make a lot of sense, do you call? What if a third diamond comes on the river and the villain leads, would you fold?

            And more importantly, how would you have played this hand if you were in the villains shoes: you have AhJc and BTN calls, you hit your ace, there is a flush draw out there and you cbet, BTN calls...and then? How can you not lose a lot of money there?
            What if the third diamond comes on the river. Check, (block) bet or bluff shove?
            Last edited by TwilightWB2; Sat Feb 01, 2014, 02:35 PM.


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              Thanks Twilight.

              Sessions go the way they do. You just have to try to make the best decisions you can every hand. If you are making the correct decisions the results will come eventually. Sometimes it'll all be big pots that give you you're winnings, other times it will be lots of little ones.

              I would 3b AQ vs a CO open against most regs. If it was a MP open it's very player dependent and if it's UTG it's almost a 100% flat for me at least.

              Since this player in the AQ hand was weaker I felt I could bet 3 streets for value. Against a reg I think it's a 2 street hand.

              If he leads river it depends on the river and sizing.

              If it was a 3rd diamond i'd decide based on sizing.

              If i was the villain, I wouldn't be limping , but i'd likely call flop, call turn and fold river because a 3 barreling range has us crushed.


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                Originally posted by birdayy View Post
                If i was the villain, I wouldn't be limping , but i'd likely call flop, call turn and fold river because a 3 barreling range has us crushed.
                Yeah but if you had opened AJo in the CO and BTN calls you would be the one betting.

                You can't really check the turn on 73A4K because of the flush draw and if you check the river you're telling your opponent that you don't have AK. It's like saying "please bluff me big, or value bet really big if you have AQ".

                It seems to me that on every street it is preferable to bet with AJ and there is no other way than to lose big. AJ is really an ugly hand.



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