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10nl fr AA stacking off

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  • 10nl fr AA stacking off

    Once I 3bet preflop am I thinking along the right lines by deciding to stack off by the turn or should I be taking pot control lines. Villain 17/15/3

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    I'd rather bet 1/3 pot on flop, turn and then shove river.


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      I'd squeeze a little bit bigger because im' OOP. I like 1.50/1.60. Post-flop i'd go with birdayy size, betting 1/3 to get more callers and allways playing for stacks.
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        If I were to bet 1/3 of pot on the flop. Wouldn't that then give odds for the flush draws to call?


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          Originally posted by birdayy View Post
          I'd rather bet 1/3 pot on flop, turn and then shove river.
          So what do you do with AK on Q72?


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            Depends if I got a backdoor flush draw mike.


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              Hi Tony,

              I think I would have played it the same way as you did, my preflop sizing would be 1.3 and I'd bet 50% to 63% flop. I disagree with betting 1/3 pot because even if we get QQ/JJ to call flop they are going to fold to the turn and if I can get them to call a bigger bet OTF then I would be losing value by betting smaller OTF and when they are folding turn anyways. Also I think getting the money in OTT is better than getting it in by the river.


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                I was destined to lose my stack then? He had a set of 7



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