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10NLz 6max - Do we 3bet in c/o AQo to utg 3x open? Then what, take a note!

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  • 10NLz 6max - Do we 3bet in c/o AQo to utg 3x open? Then what, take a note!

    I don't have reads on a Zoom table unless they open limp "Dark Blue" or when they raise it's a "Red" label. Now after a year or so I can't be bothered. Now a red limps and gets demoted to blue. Why, the game changes every 6 months?

    The preamble has nothing to do with this hand, except the bb "Red" over called multi-way... (more action) and leads turn?

    My tweet (review) note on the hand:
    I call in position pre, they check so I can lead? But is this a donk turn bluff, any good books on this? ($0.05/$0.1)

    OK, I had a moment there about reading a book about situations. Then back to the title of this post "Do we 3bet in c/o AQo to utg 3x open?"

    My hand ranging is useless on specific hands. Here my read is "Red" then the lead on the 3 flush turn? Am I value leading when checked to flop and/or bluff catching the rest?
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    Anything other way than the way you played it would be bad.


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      The price you're getting OTT and OTR is good, but villain's line seems very strong given that the pot was 4-way. He could be playing some Ax with a single spade this way, but readless this would be a tough spot to call down. If I suspect villain to be a recreational player and have some feel about his timing/sizing here I don't mind it.
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        You did right not to 3Bet AQo preflop here. You don't want to play for stacks and if you 3Bet, you're only going to keep the strongest parts of the UTG's range involved, whereas by calling he can still have stuff like AJ, AT, KQ etc.

        I agree with Flix on the postflop play. Readless, villain's play looks very strong. However if you think he's likely just to start barreling on scare cards, then calling down is fine.



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