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10NL 6-max Zoom KQs

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom KQs

    Hi, MP is playing 21/15/7 over just 111 hands, and he doesn't like to fold to 3Bets. So I decided to 3B here since he could call with a lot of dominated hands. BB is playing 27/9/0 Do you like the way a played the hand post flop ? Cheers!

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    Hi fp,

    I don't really like it tbh... your sizing is huge, while you don't have actual fold to 3b stats I can't imagine stats that would lead me to believe he's calling this sizing with a wide array of dominated hands. F3B would have to be really small and over a much larger sample for me to think it. the sample you're dealing with here is just way too small for F3B... 111 hands, 15%PFR is 16 hands (not accounting for the fact that a few PFR's were 3-bets of others opens and not 2-bets that could face a 3-bet). If the average 3b frequency he's facing is 7%, then he'd have been 3-bet once thus far on this sample. And 0/1 doesn't mean he won't fold to 3-bets. Now, if you observed that one hand sample and he showed down J8o or some such garbage, that would work for me as a read he may not like to fold to 3-bets. And remember, if he doesn't fold to 3b's often he's certainly not folding all the hands dominating and ahead of us.. AT+ etc. So we need a number of worse dominated hands in the mix to compensate. Over all I don't think we can expect that here, especially for this sizing.

    On the turn just call. His range is generally going to be strong here donking into a multi-way pot, and he's not folding. Your turn shove doesn't rep much beyond TT or a slowplayed JJ, although you might not slow play JJ 3 ways here. Overpairs would probably raise/commit the flop, or simply call twice, not call/raise turn. And JJ/TT/55/33 can all be in his range here, as well as JTs, meaning we are often stacking off on a draw with 1 card to come and little to no FE.
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