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NL2$ 6-max AdQd 2nd pair - call the river bet ?

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  • NL2$ 6-max AdQd 2nd pair - call the river bet ?

    villain_6 VP70 PF6 AF 1/0/3/4 (117) Should I call the river bet ? villain is lose but aggressive on turn and flop Seems to be a bit the MO, see a lot of flops and when having part of it, betting hard

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    Hi betsizer

    Villain looks recreational to me when they limp call like that. With second pair it's hard for us to bet 3 streets for value so we want to plan our hand in a way to check atleast one street and we have to decide which street that would be. Let's consider the type of hands villain will call or raise when we bet this flop. 33, Kx, some Qx, AT, JT, J9. All other Ax hands that we dominate should fold to our flop bet. TT-22 with the exception of 33 will also fold. A reason to bet the flop is to deny our opponent to bluff us but since we are going to be checking one street anyway then they are left with the option to bluff us so I'd rather check-call this flop to keep their range wide and more importantly to get value from worse Qx hands or Ax if the turn brings an Ace. When we check-call the flop we give them the option to bluff with hands that we beat but when we bet we allow them to raise us with their draws or call with hands that potentially beat us. As played, I think calling or folding the river depends on how we percieve villain. Have we seen them pot bet as bluffs before? Your read says that they "see a lot of flops and when having part of it, betting hard" and a pot sized bet seems hard enough for me to fold there


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      First of all thank you for the thoughts.
      I might have given some incorrect information regarding his MO.
      I should have written that I had that impression as I never saw his actual holding due to the fact that it did not come to showdowns as a result of his aggression.
      But seeing the percentage of VPIP I must conclude that villain is playing a lot of weak hands.
      That is why I did not give him a lot of credit and decided to see it through
      So final result, one call too many as he proved me wrong with his flopped set

      Oh well, I can only hope to learn from these mistakes



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