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NL2$ 6-max QTs on the button, what to do after the flop rerais ?

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  • NL2$ 6-max QTs on the button, what to do after the flop rerais ?

    villain_6 VP36 PR26 AF 2/2/1/- (43) What would you do on the flop re-raise? What hand is the villain holding ?

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    At these stakes I actually prefer a flatcall preflop as villains play very unpredictable and wild postflop so you profit most from their mistakes when you make a good hand. As soon as you 3-bet this handtype it gets a little tricky vs an unknown opponent as you never quite know how to rate your hand against action like that in a bloated pot.

    All you're beating is a bluff or some small pair turned into a bluff, so I would need a good read to continue here instead of folding. He can have flushdraws with overcards as well as slowplayed overpairs or better Tx.
    Live Trainer


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      Hi betsizer!

      I don't think we want to 3b Q10s in this spot since it isn't strong enough to be 3b for value. You have position and your hand plays fairly well postflop. Moreover, our 3b narrows the villain's range to primarily hands that are ahead of us, pairs, Ax, Kx and in particular hands that have us dominated such as AQ, A10, KQ, K10 and QJ.

      Since the villain looks pretty loose aggressive, keep his range wide by flatting and reevaluating on the flop. Here we could have called a flop c-bet and used our position to control the pot.

      As played, our 3b got called pf and our cbet gets a massive raise of 4.5x our bet! Folding is our only option. The villain could be doing this with overpairs, top pair top kicker hands and sets. He might do it with a flush draw and two overs or random air, but we don't know enough about him to know how realistic that would be. I give him credit for having a strong hand. Since we don't have any clear outs toward improving. Folding is best.

      Roland GTX


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        Hi all

        Thank you for the valuable input.
        The raise preflop was done because I wanted to isolate the villain. I believe that in this specific situation my hand was good enough for the 3-bet based on the plays I had seen from this villain
        That is also the reason I called to find a holding of 43s
        Yup, still sonme work in giving credit to the opponent when they clearly indicated that they have a hand.
        Well I'll learn from your reasoning and I hope this will help me to make less incorrect decisions in the future



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