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NL2$ 6-max Do I call the river shove ?

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  • NL2$ 6-max Do I call the river shove ?

    villain_1 26/0 AF 1/0/1/infinite (19) So not a lot of stats on the villain What range would you give him ? Should I call or not

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    When I first played through the hand history, I thought that this was a pretty standard bet/fold spot for all three streets. Villains, especially at 2NL basically never take this line with anything less than the nuts or very close to it - the check/raise river is an incredibly strong play.

    Then I started to think about what hands made sense. He's got very few 4x hands in his range. There are only 4 combos of A4 possible, one combo of 44 and he might also have 54s. 88 is also possible and I think his most likely holding.

    The only other possible hand that villain might take this line with is KQ, thinking that his two pair is good. However he has to call the flop with only two overcards and then shove despite the possibility of you holding AA or 4x yourself.

    Having said that, it is this last point that makes me conclude that you should fold here. He's not scared that you've bet on every street and might have a full house yourself. I think villain is always going to show up with A4 at worst, but more likely 88 or maybe even 44.


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      Which scenario fits 2NL better?

      A) 88 flats OOP, check-calls twice then check-raises the river.

      B) KQ flats OOP, peels one on the flop, hits TP and check calls, check raises when they make Top 2.

      I prefer a nice overly. They need to have B or worse about 30% of the time to break even, I call if I think I'll see that at least 40% of the time. YMM


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        thank you both for your reply
        When looking at it now, it seems such an obvious fold
        However in the heat of the moment I made the error to call
        Well at least I got to see quads as villain turned over 4-4

        It's very interesting to see your thought pattern. Hope it will help me to make a better choice next time



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