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5NL 6 Max Rush Poker light 3bet from blinds - good double barrel?

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  • 5NL 6 Max Rush Poker light 3bet from blinds - good double barrel?

    Hand was played over at Full-Tilt, think I am ok to post this hand history, seeing as it is part of the Rational Group these days.

    I rarely go to much effort to defend my blinds, because of the levels I play at I tend to find value elsewhere, but I chose to defend light here and carried through on flop and turn.

    Villain was running 27/27, 67% Steal. Across 147 hands. I'm aware the sample size in this exact hand is fairly small. He wasn't fond of folding to cbets either. From his stats he tended to give turn cbets more credit.

    Against players with more reliable sample sizes, but with those stats and tendencies, is A5s a good hand to take this line with.

    It will be easy to get away from if he raises.

    Do we carry through with a third barrel on a blank if he calls turn?

    I think I can fold out under pairs to the board. Maybe TT and JJ too if they don't fancy drawing to the straight. I'm thinking he probably calls again with most Kings/Queens especially if they also have a straight draw.

    Was this a good board to run a bluff on?

    Full Tilt Poker Game #33831218342: Table Bazinga (6 max) - NL Hold'em - $0.02/$0.05 - 15:28:22 ET - 2014/01/28
    Seats: 6
    Seat 1: bhoylegend ($7.11)
    Seat 2: Voltage555 ($12.69)
    Seat 3: jkjk666 ($9.01)
    Seat 4: yellow sheep ($5)
    Seat 5: Misclick82 ($5.07)
    Seat 6: Chacko111 ($5)
    bhoylegend posts the small blind of $0.02
    Voltage555 posts the big blind of $0.05
    The button is in seat #6
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to bhoylegend [5h Ah]
    jkjk666 folds
    yellow sheep folds
    Misclick82 folds
    Chacko111 raises to $0.15
    bhoylegend raises to $0.40
    Voltage555 folds
    Chacko111 calls $0.25
    *** FLOP *** [Ks 9c Qd] (Total Pot: $0.85, 2 Players)
    bhoylegend bets $0.55
    Chacko111 calls $0.55
    *** TURN *** [Ks 9c Qd] [5d] (Total Pot: $1.95, 2 Players)
    bhoylegend has 15 seconds left to act
    bhoylegend bets $1.40

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    I think preflop is OK, you've got a blocker and your hand has decent playability postflop. However if he never folds to resteals, then I'd just muck it or flat-call.

    Given the stats you gave for villain, I think this board is really bad to try and run a bluff on. There's going to be tonnes of hands in villain's range that aren't going to fold, including a lot of value hands. like two pair and even JT.

    I think the flop is probably just a check/fold, your hand hasn't even got any backdoor equity and your Ace could easily be a dirty out. Your CBet might get PPs less than 88 to fold, but not much else.


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      I've actually messed the stats up on this.

      I'm heading off to work now but I will see if I can post the real stats when I get home. HEM seems to have bugged out and is showing the same stats on the replayer for every hand.


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        Hi bhoylegend,

        I think 3betting this hand is fine; We have a blocker, we are connected, and more importantly we are sooooted :p
        However, I don't like the 3bet sizing. I'd make it 50c; What I actually want to see is a fold so raising smaller will not accomplish that as well as a larger bet size. Interesting flop runout and like Andy said running a bluff on this board is going to be ambitious to get folds on and that's specifically because of the board runout of KQ9 - people might be tempted to call with JJ and TT here with their gutshots; If the flop was KQ3 forexample, we might get folds from JJ/TT/99. Although this flop hits our perceived range it also hits villains 3bet calling range IP. Hands I can think of, KQ, AQ, QQ, KJs, QJs, AJs, ATs, JTs, 99. That does not mean we cannot cbet if we think villain calls a much wider range of weak Ax and small PPs but I think the chances are too slim here so either go for a one and done or just x/f flop.


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          Ignore the reads previously provided in the opening post.

          HEM appeared to totally mess up on me last night, I had only 15 hands on villain, this was the only 3bet against him, he didnt fold, me cbet was the only one against him, he didnt fold and he folded to the turn bet. The only time he had done that.

          At various times last night I had HEM street pop-ups on my desktop, not even while playing, and then I noticed that no matter what hand I brought up in the replayer, the players all had the same stats as the previous players in that position.

          Thus, I thought I had taken a bad line (Sounds like I snort coke, and given how I feel recently, that seems apt), but really it was just trying something out against a virtual unknown.

          I will take on note the 3bet sizing George, it was a by product in part of a table ninja laziness, my version doesnt work with FT.



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