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10NL fullring zoom, top set 5 handed 287 BBs deep, slowing down on flop ?

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  • 10NL fullring zoom, top set 5 handed 287 BBs deep, slowing down on flop ?

    Villains stats VPIP/PFR/AF 40/3/2.2 (39 LIMP) 71 hands 21/9 (22MP)/2.4 107 hands 17/0 7 hands 59(100 SB)/31/8 (17,4 3-bet) 60 hands I played this zoom limit quite often, so with so little stats, I could consider these players are not regulars. preflop I decided just to call. If I raise, I probably have to fold to 4-bet, win a small pot if everyone folds or finish up in a bloated pot against aggressive "maniac" at the small blind 287 BBs deep and likely 1 or 2 other players. I prefer to just call and try to get SB's stack when I hit strong. I hit my J. The flops quite dry with some gutshots and open ended straight draws possible. Q9, 79 has me beat already. Just the hands at least 2 players have in their range. I decided to donk bet - not to give 4 players behind free card, to build the pot in case I have (or will have) the best hand. I bet only half of the pot to keep the SB in the pot in case he is behind and to try to avoid commitment decision right on the flop in case he is not. MP raises small, BTN calls. I was probably going to jam over these 2 in case the SB folds, fold to a jam and raise fold if he calls. (The hand happened some time ago, so do not remember exactly.) When SB min 3-bets into 3 players I am pretty sure I am beat most of the time. It cannot be a bluff as even bad player cannot expect to get folds. He is not afraid to get re-raised. I am getting the right odds to call and try to fill up and re-evaluate on the turn and in this case I do not mind the rest of the field to stay in the pot. I do fill up on the turn. SB jams. He either has quads which is unlikely the way he played the hand until now. Most likely he does not want to get another 3 calls and see 3rd heart on the river. So I call. Is it reasonable play this deep ? Or am I just getting too paranoid after running into several set ups in similar situations and less deep (150 BBs or less) ?
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    Can you try uploading your hand again? I can't see it on the replayer


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      Done. Once more just in case. PokerStars Zoom Hand #102201863210: Hold'em No Limit ($0.05/$0.10) - 2013/08/02 6:56:47 CET [2013/08/02 0:56:47 ET] Table 'Hartley' 9-max Seat #1 is the button Seat 1: ika_rumba621 ($6.07 in chips) Seat 2: Vagner Gatão ($44.76 in chips) Seat 3: SpaceHiker ($28.76 in chips) Seat 4: jeclAA ($8.16 in chips) Seat 5: mrOGrd ($10.77 in chips) Seat 6: menogpt ($9.90 in chips) Seat 7: büteknika ($15.42 in chips) Seat 8: gkazakias ($13.51 in chips) Seat 9: fi67gh3 ($81.98 in chips) Vagner Gatão: posts small blind $0.05 SpaceHiker: posts big blind $0.10 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to SpaceHiker [Jd Js] jeclAA: folds mrOGrd: calls $0.10 menogpt: folds büteknika: folds gkazakias: raises $0.20 to $0.30 fi67gh3: folds ika_rumba621: calls $0.30 Vagner Gatão: calls $0.25 SpaceHiker: calls $0.20 mrOGrd: calls $0.20 *** FLOP *** [8d Tc Jh] Vagner Gatão: checks SpaceHiker: bets $0.74 mrOGrd: folds gkazakias: raises $0.74 to $1.48 ika_rumba621: calls $1.48 Vagner Gatão: raises $0.74 to $2.22 SpaceHiker: calls $1.48 gkazakias: calls $0.74 ika_rumba621: calls $0.74 *** TURN *** [8d Tc Jh] [8h] Vagner Gatão: bets $42.24 and is all-in SpaceHiker: calls $26.24 and is all-in gkazakias: folds ika_rumba621: folds Uncalled bet ($16) returned to Vagner Gatão *** RIVER *** [8d Tc Jh 8h] [4c]
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        Still says no data found. Post the hand history please.
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          Updated again. Not sure what was wrong. I pasted the link and checked it works 2 times. Hope it will be OK now. The data might have been lost during the site update.


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            I really like your decision to cold-call the three-bet. I don't think its very close. I think we must continue in the pot and that repopping the action is horrible. We can never fold.

            So I am all for being cautious. Like you said, they are always ahead of you when the make this play. But you have top set and there is a lot of money behind and your price is reasonable.

            The proof is in the pudding as well in spots like this. When villain shoves this many big blinds on this exact turn card it lends credence to the notion that we were justified in sticking around on the flop, though we didn't need this evidence to back us up, it is nice to have.


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