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10NL fullring zoom, bottom set 277 BBs deep, pot control ?

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  • 10NL fullring zoom, bottom set 277 BBs deep, pot control ?

    Villain stats VPIP/PFR/AF-CBET_FLOP/TURN/RIVER 13/10(8EP)/2.2-67/70/67 1.1k hands On the flop and turn I did not see any hand worse than mine that would give me stack action and if I get reraised I would be drawing pretty slim against better hands and might be forced to fold against AA or make him fold it. If I just let him barrel 3 streets with AA, I still can get enough value to make my preflop call profitable and get away from my hand if he decides to play for stacks (or a big portion of it) at any point. If he is on a draw and is doing the betting for me big enough to charge himself for the draw I am fine with that. On the river I decided to go for max value as I expect him to fold AA/AK to a raise and do not want to give him the chance just to call with full house. Do you think such play is reasonable this deep in this situation ?
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    I think you are missing value by just calling OTF , because there are more AK and AA combos in his hand range than sets KK-99. I would raise OTF and call down if re-raised ,I don't think he 3bet shoves there with such a big stack. such big shove OTR pays just KK-99 and it happens not so often .
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      Love the river shove.


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        I think its a good balanced line since we are going to be calling down with AK here too right? Unlike birdayy I'm not very happy with the river shove because I really don't want to give them reason to fold AA or AK we can raise and expect them to get all in with their fullhouse anyways but by shoving we lose value from AA and AK IMO unless they are super suspicious and think opponents are always bluffing them then by shoving we might get them to call lighter because they would put us on a busted FD. Readless, I think I prefer a smaller raise to induce a shove or atleast a call from AK that would otherwise fold to an all in river shove.


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          I think shoving and getting less calls will be more profitable than raising to $8 and getting more calls.

          5nl players tend to;

          a) not understand relative hand strength with stack sizes
          b) call too much

          This shove is not meant to get AA or AK to call. I also don't think he'll 3b shove the river this deep with a lot of his strong hands.


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            Thanks for the evaluation.
            One of the reasons for the river shove was that I do not expect this player to 3 barrel against me with 1 pair 100 percent of the time. He might for example try to check call to get value from busted draws. So that is why I was inclined to put him on stronger range that might pay me off fair amount of the time.


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              This is a beautiful flop and turn call. Brings a tear to my eye. Okay, tears. I am in the raising not all-in camp. Is villain really going to flat call with 99 or KK and not shovel the rest in themselves? That would be pretty ugly. Actually, it is interesting that they might not with 99 exactly or and underfull, but will be hard pressed to fold even for all the chips. I think the dilution of their one-pair range is significant enough that we should think about targeting full houses exclusively and if there are full houses that will not three-bet shove the river, say any house that loses to K7, but no full house folds for an all-in, then your river size was optimal. Your flop and turn line really set up this option beautifully as well. umbup:



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