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5NL AKo Fail shove

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  • 5NL AKo Fail shove

    Hi all, returning after a long break, hoping this time I can acually grind up and make some money / see some improvments. Would really appreciate some feedback on a couple of big losing hands I had today, this one I think should have been a call to 3bet / possible fold to probable all-in shove on flop. Villain was very loose-passive, so I think this min 3bet showed a lot of strength. Still, I think my reasoning was he might do this with any high ace and/or pair, so did I get unlucky or just play this wrong?

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    Your UTG raise looks very strong, so a raise from the BB should also be very strong. I'd just call the small 3Bet in position and hope to spike the flop.

    Having said that this is the type of opponent you could consider 4Bet jamming against and expect to get called by worse or be flipping against.


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      General remark: Is there a reason to bet 4BB? In my experience betting 4BB triggers a lot more 3bets than open with 3BB.

      About this hand:
      I think shoving is a bit brutal. Just put a 4-bet out there. 90% of the time people will fold their 3bet "bluffs", call with good hands and 5bet-shove AA and KK.

      (didnt read spand42's analyse. I'm not arguing his analyse ofc. This is what I would do)
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        Originally posted by rkleefstra View Post
        I think shoving is a bit brutal. Just put a 4-bet out there.
        Villain's only got a 50BB stack. We're not going to fold if we 4Bet, so we might as well just put it all in ourselves.


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          Thanks for the hand analysis spand42.

          Rkleefstra, my 4bb raise UTG is my standard, as I once read at the lower stakes you'll get called by the fish and other players more often, so when I have a hand with this value I want to get the most out of it. I only do this UTG with a full table though.

          Spand42 I agree I probably should have just called 3bet and folded flop to raise, but I'm glad you don't think what I did was a total mistake. Also, I agree my options here are fold, call, or shove, due to 50bb stack.

          Thanks again!



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