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25NL - JJ facing preflop 3bet vs weak opponent

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  • 25NL - JJ facing preflop 3bet vs weak opponent

    Hey guys, I'm a bit torn with my preflop line in this hand because 1. of my hand strength and 2. the fact that a weaker opponent 3bet and I have a regular who has called my open raise I think with QQ I would 4bet and be happy getting it in, but with JJ it felt slightly weak. What would you do given the BB is a recreational player and the BTN who has position on us is a regular? By flatting preflop I think we have kept in heir medium PPs and Ax hands so again on the flop do we call or shove? Would you consider folding?

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    I personally would re-iso the fish and be pretty content getting this in vs a $14 stack.

    Never folding that flop once he spaz-shoves. I think we should reshove to iso however.

    Im guessing the btn flopped a set?


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      Originally posted by birdayy View Post
      Im guessing the btn flopped a set?
      Why are you pessimistic? :P Just because I posted a hand doesn't mean I lost it heheh

      (no spoilers... just yet)


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        Because unless he has something like AhXh he should be folding all his pocket pairs in his range except 44 and sets


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          Preflop situation sucks - JJ isn't a great hand to be stacking off with but I think that 4Betting is the best line as the alternatives are worse.

          Obviously folding isn't really on the table.

          The problem with calling is that you're going to be OOP vs the reg and there are very few flops that JJ can comfortably continue on. There's either going to be overcard(s) or we'll have an overpair which increases the button's chances of flopping a set with his PP-heavy cold-calling range. Also the reg may choose to back-raise, which is really ugly for us.

          As played I'd just shove over the top of the CBet. I think you also have to call the Button's shove, you're getting 6.2:1 so you're not that far off getting the correct odds even if villain has a set. As soon as you include 44 or a flush draw into his range, you're getting the right price.


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            Hey George,

            I basically agree with birdayy and Andy here, I'm not sad about 4b/stacking vs. a 64bb stacked fishy guy, and flatting the 3b feels much worse to me personally because the reg will be able to overall his entire range now and have position on us, with us squeezed between him and the probable c-bet.

            As played, I think I would reshove and hope the button didn't out flop us.
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              And that ladies and gentlemen is how not to play JJ Recreational player over shoved with 99 and reg got it in with the A4s for the flopped nuts. boohooo



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