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5nl fr: AK in multiway pot

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  • 5nl fr: AK in multiway pot

    I am still finding it hard to juggle all the variables in multiway pots, with the dangers of concentrating too much on one opponent and getting caught out by the other, or just losing my way and taking a compromise (ie passive) line, for want of a real plan. Here I felt my passive line was ok (though in retrospect I think I bet too small on the turn), until the turn checkraise took me completely by surprise. Could I have played it better? And how do we interpret the checkraise on the turn?
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    Villain 1: tight reg playing 12/10 (360hands), cbet 80%, 4.7 Af. Doesn't appear to open noticably tighter from early pos. Villain 2: Loose Passive fish playing 73/10 from 31 hands. Preflop I preferred to call rather than raise, both to keep opener's range wide (approx 77+, KQ, AJ+) and hoping the fish on the button would come along for the ride. Same reasoning on flop, don't want to fold out worse one pair hands here, though admittedly button is getting good price to chase draws. When the turn is checked to me I pretty much assume V1 has nothing much. Admittedly he may still be tempted to continue with some smaller pairs, but now my concentration is now all on extracting value from the fish on the button. In retrospect, I think something close to a pot sized bet would have been better here, but I think I was too focussed on keeping weak one pair hands in, and made a much smaller bet. I got the expected call from the button but then V1 came in with the checkraise shove. I admit I was baffled by it. Would he play AA or 88 this way? What else could it be? It doesn't look a very promising spot for a bluff, with the pot so big already. It didn't occur to me at the time but could it be a sophisticated play with a moderate hand, designed to bluff me off the pot but value bet the fish at the same time?

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    I wouldn't 3bet guy with PR10, because I don't want to fold such a strong hand on 4bet. OTT I put him on 66,88,KK it's MW pot and his line looks super strong . Even if AK is good here it won't be good often enough.
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      I doubt a 12/10 is doing anything here with less than two pair so i'd be pretty happy bet/folding.


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        Multiway pots are notoriously difficult to play, especially on wet board textures like this.

        I think raising on the flop is likely the best line - you don't really want to give the fish the right price to call with whatever crappy draw he's holding and you might get V1 to call with worse Kx if you're lucky.

        As played I like your turn line and I'd just fold to the check/shove. People play honestly MW and this is basically always gonna be a set.


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          Thanks for the replies. I have to agree with the consensus that the checkraise line looks far too strong to call, and is usually a set. I do still find it a little surprising that the TAG would take this line and risk giving two opponents a free card on such a wet board.

          As it turned out, I did fold on the turn, and the fish called. I was rather shocked to see V1 turn over KhJh. Not so surprised when the fish revealed 4c2c and hit the flush on the river to win the pot.

          Spand: I take your point about raising on the flop, a lot to be said for taking that line. I tend not to think about raising with mere one pair hands, but there are times when it is worth considering.


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            Originally posted by mytton View Post
            As it turned out, I did fold on the turn, and the fish called. I was rather shocked to see V1 turn over KhJh. Not so surprised when the fish revealed 4c2c and hit the flush on the river to win the pot.
            Nits can be very sticky sometimes, I think it's because they play so few hands that when they hit, they feel like they can't fold. You seem them often doing strange things with AK high on a low flop.

            Make sure you tag both villains so you are aware for future!



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