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QQ 3bet pot oop

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  • QQ 3bet pot oop

    Didn't know how to play the turn. Maybe just shove flop? villain 22/20 PFagg% 41 hands 94

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    Preflop is interesting. I think 3Betting is fine but it does make villain's calling range quite narrow. You've also got to think about how you're going to respond to a 4Bet from someone who's opened from Middle Position. Are you going to just call and play a big pot Out of Position? Are you happy 5Bet shoving and stacking off against a fairly taggy villain? Are you going to fold which would make QQ a bluff? These are all important questions to think about before you decide to 3Bet. I would personally just call against this villain.

    Villain just calls. His range probably consists of all PPs that he chose to open (maybe except AA and KK) and probably AQs and AK. I doubt this villain type has many more hands in his range.

    You choose to lead. I'd probably make it bigger to try extract value from flush draws and worse pairs that choose to call one street, but this is quite a small part of villain's range, so the sizing is fine.

    When villain raises small like this, what hands in his range is he doing this with? If he was some LAGgy player capable of making random moves, then shoving over the top would be fine. However you're dealing with a TAG who is possibly a relatively solid player. This bet size is begging for a call - do you think he's making this play with worse than QQ? I don't. As nitty as this sounds, I think this is a fold on the flop.

    The other problem with just calling is that you probably then have to call down at least the turn and you've got no idea where you stand. I don't like the shove - you're just going to fold out worse and get better to call.



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