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25NL 6Max Zoom - Rivered nut flush on wet board

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  • 25NL 6Max Zoom - Rivered nut flush on wet board

    BUT (490 hands): 19/12 3B:1% AF: 1.33 Fold to CBet: 73% BB (130 hands): 21/17 3B:2% AF: 1.57 Fold to CBet: 0/4 I thought this might be a fairly good flop to CBet on. I know there were middling connected cards, but it was a rainbow flop and both villains could easily have overcards or underpairs that don't want to continue. Of course both villains called. I x/c with my flush + gutter even though I realised there might be some reverse implied odds involved. What do you guys think of my bet on the river? What should I do against the BB x/jam?

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    I think he slow played , and bet folding is good here. but I don't like chasing draw on a paired board. especially in MW pots. and I would discount gut shot outs Ts, as I think they will have TT often there, especially V1.
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      Vs a competent player who understands that he shouldn't be shoving flushes here (3 way and you've shown strength the whole way) I would fold.

      Vs a bad reg I would call.


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        Hi Andy,

        I'm not down with c-betting the flop into 2 players here... there's enough mid-card coordination that it seems optimistic. That being said, both villains are fairly non-aggressive post flop so if we are less likely than normal to be raised by someone just repping, and can comfortably fold. Still lean towards checking though.

        I like the turn play, don't want to barrel a card that coordinates with both their calling ranges and would hate to get raised with nfd equity.

        On the river, I don't mind value betting but think we need to fold to the c/jam... we block worse diamonds like JT, QJ, villain is taking a super strong action in what was a multi-way pot to the river, and he's fairly passive post flop... I think we're getting shown 77-99 most of the time here.
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