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2nl Zoom - AQ

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  • 2nl Zoom - AQ

    Hi guys, For this guy I did have stats on He is playing 16/4/1 1 being the aggression factor 3bet stat is 0 Was this just unlucky? I am thinking maybe not. Betting the flop standard. Once called, and that he is a passive opponent, here he could be slow playing a set, have a flush draw a worse Ax hand, or a underpair to the A. The turn improves AJ. So hands beating me are AA (haven't seen him 3bet yet) ,AK (8 combos) , AJ (6 combos), 77 (3 combos), 22 (3 combos). Although I shouldnt factor in sets yet I don't think. Hands that I beat are KK (6 combos), QQ (6 combos) and flush draws. I think once the flush completes on the river. I should be check/folding? Anyone agree with that? If I am right, I wish I could do this while playing, I tend to go on to auto pilot. But also, I don't want to get results orientated. Cheers, Pullin
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    A 16/4 guy is the archetypal nut-peddler. He basically only ever calls pre with pocket pairs and suited aces. Since he can't have the nut flush draw with Axs on this flop, I think he's going to have a set or two pairs almost always. Against a looser player, bet-fold would be fine, but for this one, I can check-fold the river. I doubt he's ever betting the river with one pair, and he's such a passive player that he's probably too scared to even bet a set, because he's worried about you check-raising with a flush. In short, you're never getting 3 streets of value with AQ on this board against this player, so just give up when he calls the turn. He has you beat just about always.
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      Arty has explained this better than I could!

      With the board run out, I don't think this villain type is ever going to bet or call a bet with worse hands then yours.

      However against looser-passive villains, I'd more than happily bet/fold the river expecting to be called by worse Ax a decent amount of the time.


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        Cheers Arty and Spand,

        Just a quick question. Is he a nut peddler because of VPIP minus PFR being around 12% of hands, or am I missing something?

        This is going to sound bad. But when ever I have seen a VPIP stat of say 16, I have always put them as a Semi-Loose passive. I need correcting please?

        I think I need help on VPIP/PFR stats it seems. Arty I think I may need to re-read your blog on villian types again.


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          I base my generalisation on the experience of seeing what these guys show up with when they get to showdown.
          16% VPIP at full ring zoom is getting towards "loose", but the low PFR indicates a 16/4 guy is "scared money". They're not reckless gamblers playing 25% of hands or more, and they rarely raise post-flop unless they have the stone cold nuts. They're looking to flop sets and nut flushes, which makes them incredibly easy to range. It's just hard to get value from them even when you know their range, because they fold so easily.
          FWIW, I think a 16/4 style (or even 10/3) can actually be quite profitable at 2NL FR, where calling stations will pay off the nuts, but it's doomed to fail against better players. You have to raise hands other than JJ+/AK if you want to make money!

          The 16/4 guy is basically the same as the 12/5 or 13/3 nitty set-miner described here:

          Maybe sometimes he calls on the button with suited connectors, but mostly he has a pair when he calls pre.

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            What's weird is I try to play a TAG style, and yet my stats are around 13/11. I feel I am too nitty. I believe though that my stats are like that because I more than likely encounter someone who raises before me and therefore I fold to their raise where I would normally open the hand.




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              13/11 is fine, particularly for FR zoom 2NL.

              I play a bit looser on regular tables, but that's because I love isolating on the button. With zoom, it's easy to just fold pre without waiting to see if there are any limpers.
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