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NL 5 Zoom Set on dry bord when to raise ?

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  • NL 5 Zoom Set on dry bord when to raise ?

    Vilain unknown. More likely reg. Qustion is beter to raise on turn or wait for river bet and then raise if he cheks he more comited to call? Or jus beter to raise on flop? I usualy raise turn because its lovest fold to I raise percentege in player pool but percentege is not EV because for example he may fold to a rase TPWK but if he caled on river he may X/Call so i extrackt more value...

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    i think calling the turn is good here, villain could put you on a wide range of weak hands (7x 8x,55-66, 99-JJ, overcards, straightdraw) and fire again on river.
    you have position which makes calling much more sexy (poker term) - on the river villain will have no idea where he's at and if he has a bluff he'll have to triple barrel to win the pot. also if he has a bluff on the turn then you lose value by raising

    keep his bluffs in and your hand disguised by flatting turn is my opinion on hand


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      Hi A Beatmaker,

      There are two interesting points here. Firstly, I think it is worth considring 3betting pf with some of the lowest pairs. This will balance your 3b range. It will also win you quite a few pots uncontested and can better rep Ax, Kx hands when you do get called. Plus, when you do flop a set of 2s like here, it will be very well disquised. Since this villain is unknown in this hand, calling is fine though.

      Choosing the between calling and raising on the turn. I normally bet/raise my strong hands for value every chance I get at 10NL and lower. In this hand though we have a few good reasons not too imo. One would be what we expect from the particular villain. Here we dont have any history. You peg him to likely be a reg than a fish that will pay us off. As obb nicely points out we can also consider the range you are repping. Another factor is looking at the action thus far in the hand to determine the villain's range. V5 raised pre and check called on the flop. This rainbow flop with low cards doesnt connect that well with the villain's raising range. The K may have helped him, but he probably has a one pair hand. Additionally, the board is fairly safe for you to just call on the turn. Therefore, here I prefer to call on the turn and let the villian take another stab at the pot on the river.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX


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        Yes like Roland and OBB have already alluded to, I think this is one of those rare spots where slowplaying is optimal, the relatively dry board, the K might have just improved Villain's hand considerably and if it didn't, he might now be scared that the K improved our hand.



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