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2nl Zoom - AK

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  • 2nl Zoom - AK

    Hi guys, Had a bit of a bad session today. Please could you analyse my hand. First encounter with opponent. When he bets I believe Kx, Jx, flush draws, possible bluffing. So I have to call in this case. Once another J comes out makes things worse. Here and onwards I thought I may have thin value, but when the flush draw completes, I think there are possibly more hands that are beating me than I thought at the time. Hands that beat me on the river Jx = a lot! KJ = 4 combos Completed flush draws = 67, 9T 2 combos Do you think the value is too thin, and I should fold on the river? Cheers, Pullin
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    Hey Pullin, my first thought was to fold to the river bet, the hint in the hand is the board texture and here's why: Villain just bet 3 streets. Flop does not say much. Turn they bet on the paired Jack they're still careless about the runout and they fire again. Okay with the Jack pairing they might be trying to bluff with a FD or going for a bet/fold with an AK or KQ. Well KJ they got the nuts so the river now puts the Flush oh and they bet again! So the flush made it, Jx improved to trips and we were the preflop raiser from UTG and called 2 streets and they still bet!

    I think I'm going to fold on the spade river even though we only need to be good 1 in 4 hands given the price they give us and would probably be more inclined to call down on a non spade river.



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