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2nl Zoom - JJ

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  • 2nl Zoom - JJ

    Hi guys, I'm trying this thin value stuff. Is there thin value here. No reads on opponent apart from he doesn't top up his stack. Usually I will fold when say a king comes, but I think there are Tx hands that could call all the way if he is a calling station, etc. I have to make sure I am making good decisions. Cheers, Pullin
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    Hi pullin, I think the river bet is slightly ambitious here and yes too thin for value imo. We can take different lines OTT and OTR depending on our opponent type but I would rather take a check river line because if we bet we are folding out all his diamond draws and we can only beat an AT. If we think villain is capable to bet the river with AdQd when we check to them then we can x/c. The thing is there are not too many hands that can float here especially when there is another opponent behind them so OTF they will either have a Tx (cant see alot of those given the positions), a set TT, 55, 44, an over pair (QQ, JJ), diamond draws, AdQd, AdJd, KdQd, KdJd, QdJd. I would expect them to raise the turn with a set so now I'm thinking a passively played FD, Tx, or a turned Kx with their FD. The bad part of this is that we are OOP and that against a range of hands like : {QQ, JJ, AdQd, AdJd, ATs, KdQd, KdJd, QdJd, JTs, T9s} we are actually a slight underdog so betting turn also might be thin too - this just shows the power of position. if we check the turn and they bet are we folding? are we calling? If we call, what will we do OTR?
    I'm in between x/c turn, x/f river or bet 1/2 pot turn, x/c or x/f rivers depending on their betsizing just because we really don't have information on our opponent's tendancies.


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      I usually check the turn to keep Tx and 99/88 in the pot. The king is a scare card that means very few worse hands than JJ will stick around.
      There's certainly nothing worse than JJ that calls 3 barrels, unless villain is really stationy, so if you bet the turn and get called I think you have to check-fold the river.
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