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Aces in multiway 3bet pot

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  • Aces in multiway 3bet pot

    the guy in utg was playing very wildly (45vpip /23pfr in 50 hands), and i call on the flop to let him build the pot, i usually get scaried at that board but against this villian i think i can shove this turn and get called by any par a gutshot ou a high spade,. I felt the hand is strange, so i want some opinions.

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    Hi scarface,

    I tend to agree that you can shove the turn and get called by all those inferior hands you mention. The problem is there are quite a few turn cards that are really ugly for us. If the turn comes a 6,9,T,J, or spade (almost half the deck) and he shoves, what are we doing? I hate that spot against a wild nutcase, it's not a clear fold or clear call imo.

    That being said, there's already $1.60 in the pot after his bet. He has bet a really small amount relative to the pot as well, seems like he's almost begging for a free card (and probably does not have a better hand yet at this point). I think it will be quite profitable to simply move all in directly on the flop here. If he folds, that's no problem for me in a big pot. And as we agree, we will also get called by inferior hands as well. And, we won't face any tricky turn decisions wondering which cards help him and which don't. Seems like a win-win-win to me to keep this one simple and jam immediately.
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      Hi Scarface.

      Love the preflop play and sizing, you don't really want four callers, but you can't get everything you want in life!

      This flop is really wet, but you get a great outcome when V5's tiny donkbet folds out two of the villains. When people donkbet like this, especially at 2NL, it's nearly always some weak one pair hand or a draw. In this case I'd put villain on some kind of draw which you want to extract value from.

      Originally posted by scarface763 View Post
      and i call on the flop to let him build the pot
      Villain has made a tiny bet in relation to the size of the pot, he isn't going to build the pot up by himself. You have barely a pot size bet left behind you so you're basically committed to this pot now, just get it all in the middle and let him pay you off with his draw that he may or may not hit.

      As played the turn is not a great card, you're now drawing dead against any flushes he has. However if you think he's capable of bluffing like this, then I agree with your call, but I would rather have not to have made this decision and finished the hand one way or the other on the flop.


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        thanks for the replys guys, and i agree with your points, the best here is to shove the flop.



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