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NL2 FR - Begginer Max Profit Question

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  • NL2 FR - Begginer Max Profit Question

    Start off by saying I'm pretty new and just now starting to take the game more seriously. The hand worked out, but wondering if I played it correctly to get maximum profit. My concern is on the flop of course, I'm thinking I should have just called the re-raise instead of 3bet? could have lured in the original raiser as well. At the NL2 level I'm not too concerned about a higher set, and I know that's wrong thinking in terms of my poker game but at this level it seems people over value pairs + greatly so that's my view on that. (villain-6 was playing pretty loose as well) Please any advice / insight would be appreciated, It's a pretty "noob" situation but I want to learn so it's getting posted umbup:
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    Hey, welcome to the forums!

    I like the call of the minraise preflop. Generally there is little 3Betting going on in 2NL, so you are likely to get a cheap multiway flop where you can spike a set and hopefully win a big pot

    All goes according to plan, you are 3-way, in position and spike a set! Even better, you are facing a bet and a raise!

    I like the fact that you want to raise and get more money in the pot - most microstakes players are very keen on slowplaying their monster hands, but this is is rarely the right approach as it allows draws to get there and usually misses out on value.

    However this is one of the cases where I would slowplay. The flop is pretty dry, there are no flush draws and very few straight draws and like you say, it is very unlikely that someone has a higher set than you. 3Betting like you did looks extremely strong and scary. If you just flat call, you might get V5 to come along and maybe even raise over the top of you if you're very lucky . My intention then would be to raise and try and get all in on the turn.

    As it turns out your opponent decided to donate his stack to you with a rubbish hand, so you selected a good table to play


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      Thanks, exactly what I thought after reviewing the hand. Seems I see things instantly when reviewing hands but don't necessarily see them while actually In the hand.

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        Originally posted by xxmurrxx View Post
        Seems I see things instantly when reviewing hands but don't necessarily see them while actually In the hand.
        I go through my hands for self-analysis sometimes and I think "Why the *?!@ did I play it like that?!".

        It's important to analyse your own play and watch how other better players play so the simpler decisions become instinctive and you will be able to perform them in play when you're under the pressure of having to make the decision.



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