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micro LHE should I have folded?

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  • micro LHE should I have folded?

    Hello, So recently I started to feel a bit jaded about NLHE and so was searching for something different. I started to play limit holdem instead and felt that I was enjoying it much more, especially full ring. I have now read and watched everything available on poker school and am a newbie LHE player. I have identified that one of my major leaks at the moment is not finding the fold button fast enough when I think I am most likely behind and unlikely or unable to improve. So given this I had this hand today: I had only recently sat down at this table and had no notes on the players and as of yet I have no tracker system running. So I had no player info. So I made a standard raise and the flop was as shown. Villian 7 "donks" so I am thinking he has hit the board some way but with no raise on my reraise I didnt think he had a set or straight perhaps only one pair. And then the turn comes and the other villain "donks" which left me thinking that he may have either made his straight, hit two pair or a set all of which has me crushed as I am unimproved. So my first question is should I have folded here. Then when my hand was unimproved by river I felt my holding was not as strong as the other two villains appeared to have so I folded. Had there been no raise on river I may have called it down. Should I have called the river bets? Or was I correct to fold? Thanks!!!!

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    Hi Ladywolf,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of limit hold'em!

    I think your play is ok here, but I don't like folding the river, I think we're usually good in this spot.

    So preflop and flop play look good. When V7 donks out on a dry board, we will often find them with a worse 1 pair hand... most players if they had flopped a monster like aces up or a set, would go for a check-raise either now or on the turn. Given the board texture I would generally expect him to show up with a worse ace here (assuming AK raises) or a pair+gut shot hand like 54. So I like the raise to punish this and gain value.

    V10's cold call is mildly concerning (it's how he would play the afformentioned monsters), but looking at his stack, he is about to go broke, so while he can have monsters he can also pretty easily show up with worse aces or some nonsense pair like 88 that he just doesn't know what he's doing with. V7's failure to reraise on the flop is a great sign, between our action and V10 coming along, better hands that chose to lead flop would probably be getting more bets in, not slowing down.

    Turn lead by V10 is again, mildly concerning, but it's unlikely he was slow playing the flop only to lead turn, slow players check/raise the turn almost always here, so it's possible the turn helped him (and he can't have AcXc since we hold that ace), or he's got that Ax or some kind of draw. Or even that nonsense pair and he's just decided he doesn't care, he's going to the felt because he's busto and tilting or whatever. If he shows up with 75, 64, 77, A7, I'm just going to pay him off. V7's failure to raise the new leader is again a great sign imo. Given all of the above, I prefer to raise the turn. It ensures we get that last .01c of V10's in the middle when ahead of him, and perhaps we can get a small side pot going with V7 since we rate to have him beat.

    Not thrilled with V7's river raise, but he can't win any more money from V10, so may just be trying to move us off a better ace. I can't believe we were beat before the river given the way he played each street, so again, if he shows me A9 (a real possibility), I'm just going to pay him. The math is pretty favorable in limit on the river due to the fixed bet sizes and the river pot size... here we have to call .08c to win a final pot of .63 so we need to be right only 12.7% of the time (1 in 8 roughly) to break even on this call. These very favorable odds mean, if we have any doubt, we can be comfortable with calling.
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