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16nl fr nut flush draw

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  • 16nl fr nut flush draw

    The 2 reasons why I stacked off here is because I had the nut flush draw and villain is 55/36/4 Poker has been brutal to me tonight.

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    I really don't like 3betting the flop here. Yes, we always have equity but we're so often behind vs a stack off range we are just spewing money.

    Just call his flop raise, and x/call turn to try and spike an A, K or heart, and if not x/fold the river.


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      Hi tonydolphin! Can you access stats in your HUD? Is he equally laggy postflop? They would help out here, especially on this board. If you think this guy would stack off with a non-nut flush draw and a pair, something like :J or :K . Or if you thought your 3b had much fold equity then your flop line should be good. Imo, I would check-call the flop, keeping the villain's range as wide as possible and ensuring that he stays in the hand. You have top pair, top kicker and plenty of outs to improve, but it is unclear if you are ahead or behind on the flop. He looks like a maniac, so I would expect him to bet this scary flop quite often with much of his range when we check. Since you c-bet, I would take the same line as birdayy described. Make sure you noted this guy if he showed up with J10 or something.


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        His flop agression factor was only 1.75 and he only raised a cbet 4(1/24) so with hindsight I played this hand badly. I may well have been tilting,the poker gods have been horrible to me.

        Villain had 62 of hearts



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