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5nl zoom, QQ against midstack maximize value on scare card

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  • 5nl zoom, QQ against midstack maximize value on scare card

    playing zoom villain playing 3 tables but midstack. Thinking he could be a recreational player playing too many tables. PF. 3bet the villain preflop raise from MP small based on my reads to make him call since I'm mostly ahead. Flop. Standard Cbet and called by villain. Turn: Scare card comes. Question: How should I play my hand best? I need to protect a bit for the straight draw, but if he hit his K I'm beat. With his stack, I'm committed if I bet.

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    3b is way too small OOP. Should be at least $0.45 here.

    We want stacks in OTT so we should be betting bigger OTF to set up a better geometric bet size.

    The K kills our action of getting paid by worse, so i'd actually prefer checking this turn (and calling if he shoves because he's likely bluffing) and shoving the river if he checks back.


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      does my rough read on him being fishy yet playing too many tables a good enough reason to make the 3bet preflop smaller to make him call?


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        Hi kalahwang,

        If you have a read that your opponent might be a weak recreational player like you said, then I would actually be tempted to raise even more because I expect my opponent to call with alot of weak hands to see flops that way I can extract more value preflop. Like birdayy mentions, we might want to think about stack sizes especially when they are short which makes it easier for us to get the rest of the money in on the turn. As played, the K indeed is a killer card. Betting the turn will fold out hands that we beat and get called by hands that beat us. So shoving the rest there is likely to get folds from an AT and called by 2pair+ or atleast a random Kx float. So yes, I do prefer a turn check with the intention of calling a bet or betting the river if they check back.

        Just a note here, against tight opponents we can call with QQ and not 3bet actually. Also when we are 3betting its important to define the strength of our hand and decide if we are going to get all in preflop if they come over the top.



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