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5NL 6-max Zoom - Aces up decision

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom - Aces up decision

    Villain unknown. I make a standard button open and he makes a small 3-bet from the BB, I often find these small raises are usually a raggy ace or a strong ace, so I call since the price is good. Flop come OK for my hand but also good for his if I'm correct. However since he bets small and I have backdoor spade I think this is an easy call. Turn is bingo for me and he check, so I think he has some kind of showdown value and wants to keep in the hand, I decide I can get value from lots of Ax that I believe is a huge part of his range. Villain calls and I'm feeling good about my hand. River comes the King and now I think he might have got there but then he jams. I'm not sure if he just spazzed here or thought he was value shoving or whats going on.. very confused by this bet. After a good 45 seconds tanking I make the call and find I'm good but I don't want to be results orientated and am unsure if it's a correct call. I figured any real value hand would bet smaller to get called by a wider range and more marginal hands wouldn't shove and value own themselves. Perhaps I just over-estimate the abilities of my opponents but I would like opinions on if it was a good call or not. Thanks umbup:

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    IP i'm not folding any part of my range vs that 3b sizing.

    Obviously he's a fish so we shouldn't worry about remaining balanced in regards to bet sizing.

    I would BOMB the turn (like $1.50) and shove almost any river since these guys will never ever ever fold an A.

    His calling range will be wider OTT rather than OTR because of all the draws in his range, so overbetting the turn will be more +EV in the long run.

    As played the river is good but the bet could be a lot less awkward by bombing the turn.
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      Agree with what birdayy said here, especially a bigger turnbet is very important in this spot. I would at least pot it due to the drawheavy texture. River is nasty but I feel like we need to call he wouldn't play AK or better this way checking turn on such a dangerous board.
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        Thanks guys, you helped me confirm my suspicions that I wasn't really thinking correctly during this hand. Thankfully the result turned out good at least

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