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25NL 6Max QQ Overpair vs 2 Opps

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  • 25NL 6Max QQ Overpair vs 2 Opps

    UTG: Regular (639 hands) - 22/19, Fold to 3Bet: 62% Fold to CBet: 33% CO: Unknown Preflop squeeze is for value obviously and looks OK to me. How should I size my flop and turn CBets? Should I bet bigger to extract more value from JJ-99 or AKcc? Should I bet smaller to help balance my range, keep both players in and control the size of the pot? Is my bet sizing OK? River - I really struggled to put villain on any kind of range that made sense. I had no idea what was getting down to this river and then donk-shoving with? Slowplayed AA? Weirdly played JJ/TT? A8? 44? I'm getting 3.32:1 (23% equity) to call - is it worth it?

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    I don't blame you for calling river.


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      200 bb deep stack + MW pot his hand range is really wide. even 87s. I would check OTT IP and call half pot bet OTR or bet if checked . His line looks very strong to me I would fold. and of course busted draw but you have to know that he may it that way. and bet sizing looks too small to me MW.
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        OTF I would probably bet bigger against 2 players, around 50-60% Pot would be my size against 1 villain here. Your turnsize HU therefore seems good to me, but I would probably strongly consider folding river without a better grasp of the villain's tendencies. Unless villain is turning 99-JJ into a bluff which seems rather unlikely on average I don't see him bluffing here with worse combos. We also block some flushdraw combos which some may also play more aggressively OTF.
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