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5NL 6max - A Russian limps AA and I made a note that said " back squeeze" lol

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  • 5NL 6max - A Russian limps AA and I made a note that said " back squeeze" lol

    Just a fun hand. Maybe I shouldn't btn call JTs. After seeing utg +1 limp, then +2 do a 4x isolation raise and then I actually over called it in position.

    The funny thing is I made a note that said a "back squeeze" bet? Just glue some terminology together - well I fell off my chair when I saw the show down.

    "Wow a Russian limps AA, back squeeze the iso raise + over call, then bust? Why not open AA? "Hyakutake" ($0.02/$0.05)"

    Poetic justice when we lose to the the limp AA and I've never seen the perceived aggressive player type ever limp AA. Then gets busted on the flop.

    So funny, but seriously in real poker terms what is a "back squeeze" lol? Cold re-raise trap monster or what?
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Tue Jan 21, 2014, 08:09 AM.

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    Can´t start the replayer!


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      At the lower micros, whenever someone limps in EP then puts in a huge raise, I'd usually assume AA and AA only. It's one of the first trappy lines a poker player learns and can be very effective. You see this play so rarely so unless you know he does this line with weaker holdings I'd be very cautious about continuing. However as you start to move up limits, the back-squeeze can be an effective weapon against known squeezers and aggressive opponents in general. In these games though they nearly always take the form of cold-calling a 2Bet and the back-squeeze being a 4Bet. This has been discussed in a couple of other hands posted recently. 25nl - EV of a Backshove 10NL 6-max Zoom TT Below is a hand I played recently against a LAG who liked to squeeze:


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        Hey Forrest Just lolz at the note taking skills :p How does the nationality add value to the information? So a Russian is someone capable of crazy moves as opposed to a Polish or Japanese forexample? Unrelated I think, oh and just not very nice to label people ... well you could categorize their playing styles just not generalize if they are "bad" by nationality Back-squeeze... hmmm... my first impression is the limp/raise move ; that's my take on it So what's the question? Probably gonna get this moved, but was fun to respond. Cheers! umbup:


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          I just assume that back raises are AA these days, maybe KK but less often, only once seen it with QQ and once with JJ. Nice surprise for their slowplay when I stacked them with AA. One of the times I seen it with villain holding AA, I held KK and actually called solely to set-mine with KK, flopped a FH but the idiot rivered Aces full after we got money in on flop.


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            Thanks for the replies, The question was on the betting line and terminology and back-squeeze was correct. My opinion on open limping monsters is something I put out in the twitter sphere. The limp AA happens so often I could predict the tendency on a country basis. Leader board: 1st, 2nd and 3rd (not saying any more). And in context said I've NEVER seen a Russian or south Americas do this. As a complement to their more aggressive style. So in seeing this hand contradicted my own perception, which I found amusing. Didn't mean to say anything was "bad" about the betting line from a country. umbup: PS. Hey spand, I like that set up from the btn. What a good read on the sb tendency and pretty light AQ for stack
            Last edited by ForrestFive; Wed Jan 22, 2014, 01:58 AM. Reason: btn back = squeeze



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