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NL10 ZOOM AK In 3beted pot

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  • NL10 ZOOM AK In 3beted pot

    I gues here i should shove because have equity with overcards plus gutshot ? Vilain unknown.

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    I'm folding preflop. The button is very strong here.As played on the flop,easy fold.


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      I definitly this situations almost 50% of the cases the botton is floatin...if th turn wont hit something he will fold almoast everu hand to a bet on the turn...


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        Hi A Beatmaker,

        With no reads at all, I'm not optimistic that this is even a profitable call preflop tbh. We have an UTG open, a probable fishy player flatting, then a large 3B which, given the action in front, is likely to be very strong (I would assume this readless). And we don't close the action. If we had reason to believe ranges were wide, then I'd prefer a cold 4-bet to about $3.65 and get it in to a shove, to leverage some fold equity. If these are tight ranges, just fold pre, we are not going to get much action when we outflop everyone (it's optimistic to hope an ace flops and tight ranges happen to include AQ this time), and when we hit the hand and aren't good it's going to cost us... it will be much more likely we pay off when 2nd best, than we get paid when they are 2nd best. And if we miss, which happens the majority of the time, then we're just check/folding a lot.

        On the flop I think c/f is better than c/r as he's never going fold a better hand and is not likely to call with worse hands. Given that you flatted preflop, you could consider leading here rather than checking. It creates a lot of doubt for the button... maybe you cold called with AA pre to trap others in? Maybe you flatting with a small pair to set mine? If he raises your lead you took your shot but now have an easy fold... if he calls, you are going to be up against a lot of TT-QQ holdings (as well as bigger pairs but we block those so less combos), so we may have as many as 10 wins (A, K, 2) as well as 6, 7, or diamonds we might bluff. This is a bit elaborate for 10NL without reads though, so really preferring to just 4b or fold pre.
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