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NL2$ 6-max set of tens on highly wet board multiway

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  • NL2$ 6-max set of tens on highly wet board multiway

    NL2$ 6-max Would you call the river bet ? Villain_1: VP:16 PR:11 AF:3 AFq:32 (137) villain_5: VP:57 PR:29 AF:NA AFq:0 (7) On the flop v5 donks into 2 opponents. I don't know a lot of this player so he might be playing Kx or a flush draw or a hand like QJ, of course he could have 22 as well, KK seems unlikely Because of the very wet board, I elect to raise although I believe I should have brought it up some more... Anyhow both v1 and v5 call. The range of V1 is probably a draw or Kx as well (a T seems unlikely) Again V5 leads out but with a very smallish bet, it looks like a probe or a bet to induce a raise. As this is multi-way, I don't like the spot too much and decide not to bloat the pot. I just call and so does V1 On the river a (imo) brick hits the board. V1 bets again smallish and again I decide just to call as I am uncertain of the holding of v1 (and v5 for that matter) V1 pushes his stack and v5 snap calls What do you do ?
    Last edited by betsizer; Sun Jan 19, 2014, 12:51 PM. Reason: incorrectly denounced villain as 4, it should be 5

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    I would have raised more on the flop,to 47c. I would raise the turn but fold to a shove.Good fold on the river.


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      ^^ I agree with tony


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        thank you - now I feel less stupid - after viewing their hole cards I was somewhat sick having folded the best hand


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          Why raise the turn?
          Does the small bet indicate a possible draw?
          Do we get enough flush draws/2 pairs to call us there?



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