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NL2$ 6-max Hero calling (?) the river bet ?

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  • NL2$ 6-max Hero calling (?) the river bet ?

    Villain_3: VP:60 PR:17 AF:1 (30) Yet another example . Should I call or not. I took these 2 hands as I end up paying off monsters a bit too much . However, I do not like folding winning hands either. Finding the spot where to call and where not is difficult. This is my thought process. Please let me knwow what I can improve ... Additional information about this villain that I check during my decision saw turn: 69% (11/16) saw river: 82% (9/11) On the flop he cold flats from the BB a 3-bet. Normally I would not like that too much but villain is very lose and so he might have a variety of hands here. On the flop, I get checked into so I make a C-bet, inclined to fold when I get re-raised. However villain just flats On the turn, a brick hits (imo) the felt. However now villain bets into me about 30% of the pot. As this is a second heart, I suspect he might have picked up a flush draw. As he called on the flop, I think he is playing a hand like KhQh, KhJh, QhJh, QhTh or Th9h. He might be playing 22 as well although I think his bet would have been larger. This feels more like a blocker bet to get to the river. However as I have only Ace high, I decide to call (although maybe I should have re-raised here but with A high committing my stack seems wrong) On the river, another 2 hits the felt. This makes 22 highly unlikely. So I think most of the time he is having a flush draw here. Again villain bets but the bet seems really week (20% of the pot) and he is giving me pot odds of 6 to 1 for caling Do you call or fold ?

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    Hi betsizer!

    Preflop looks good. I would put him on any pocket pair, a lot of broadway cards and Ax hands. Any K, Q or A might be good for us on the turn or river. It also looks like this guy doesnt like to fold and is rather passive, therefore, I would actually check back this flop. This keeps the pot under control and gives us a free chance to improve on the turn. If we get a K, and this guy has any sort of made hand, he will probably still pay us off winning us a big pot. This line lets us reevaluate on the turn. If he bets big we can let the hand go, but may be able to call a smaller bet.

    I think your hand has a lot of potential against this villain. Therefore, I wouldnt want to bet fold the flop here. This guy is so loose it is hard to know exactly what he is doing. Use your position, control the pot until you get a made hand.

    As played, I would fold to the river. We dont have a made hand and the villains line looks strong. I dont want to pay him off on the river with an A high bluff catcher.

    I would note this villain and try to play a lot of pots with him. When you do get a made hand, you should be able to win a nice pot off of him.

    Roland GTX


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      Thank you Roland,

      I am somewhat surprised as I found villain rather weak so I reviewed the hand once more
      and indeed when reviewing I must agree that this shows strength. More over as he is fairly passive, it seems a very strong line for him: coldcall 3bet pre, call C-bet on the flop and bet out twice.
      Thank you for the eye-opener


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        Thanks for the feedback!

        It is easy to just look a a villain's stats and then ignore the action. Ive lost plenty of big pots that way! With loose aggressive players, it can be hard to know where we stand. With a loose passive player though, when they start betting on the turn and river, they are going to have a hand (at least good enough to beat our A high here).



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