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NL2$ 6-max Hero calling (?) the river bet ?

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  • NL2$ 6-max Hero calling (?) the river bet ?

    V_6: VP:54 PR:18 AF:2 AFq:54 (83) One of the things, I find hard is calling with ace high on the river. However I think that now and then, you should go ahead and just do that. This hand is an example where I did that and I am wondering now whether my reasoning is sound or that I am just talking me into not letting go of a pair of nice hole cards I do have a tendancy to call sometimes a bit too much leading to nice jumps down in my bankroll. Luckily there is enough of the up jumps as well Anyhow, would you call the river bet ? Opponent is very laggy. preflop fairly standard flop, I think a correct.y beton as a C-bet and having a nuts flush draw I know the villain likes to stick around saw turn 73% (29/40) and saw river (24/29), so bluffing is not something I consider when I miss the turn. Therefore I decide to check behind as to control the pot. On the river, the villain leads out with a shove. I have 3.32:1 for a call with A high I made the call, and this time it was correct but in retrospective, I cannot find sound reasoning for it. Ok the villain is lose, and fairly agressive and he did nto give indications of strenght but at the other hand, he calls the flop and he might have a Kx card or a flush draw himself, on the turn I did not bet and on the river he leads.....

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    In general I like your thought process and the way you used the read on your opponent.

    I like your preflop and flop play for the reasons you say.

    I might actually be tempted to bet the turn for value against such a fish like this. I can't see him folding his worse A-high or worse flush draws especially for such a small bet. Furthermore you're pretty much pot committed now anyway, so I've got no problem with getting stacks in even though you're on a draw because you've still got a decent amount of hand equity even when villain shows up with .

    As played you only need to be correct ~24% of the time to show a profit. I'm not sure you'll be ahead often enough to make this call profitable but I think you can expect this villain type to play A-high or busted flush draws like this, so I think it's close.


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      Villains pre-flop and flop play was horrible. But their only chance to win is to bet the river after your check, hoping for you to fold a miss, as their hand has no shodown value.

      The villain made several mistakes:
      1. Playing with a 1/4 stack and not topping-up
      2. Calling pre and not either fold (preferably) or shove
      3. Absolutely horrible flop call for 1/3 their mini-stack

      GO 'NINERS!


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        Just stick the rest in on the turn here. No reason to give villain a free chance to suck out. You have plenty of outs to fall back on when you do run into a pair of K's.


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          thanks a lot you all
          the comments are an eye opener and I definitely will consider being more aggressive on the turn



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