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NL2 6-max: AhQh Nearly stacked off - did I make a mistake or just unlucky ?

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  • NL2 6-max: AhQh Nearly stacked off - did I make a mistake or just unlucky ?

    Villain_5 VP:6 PR:3 AF:NA AFq:0 (32) The problem with this hand is that I always seemed to have the pot odds to call. Am I wrong ? on the flop, villain does re-raise but he will do so with hands like A9s, A5s or a flopped set 9's or 5's. Aces seem unlikely as I have an A. I have top pair, decent kicker and nut flush draw. I think I am correct to call as I range him on A9s,A5s,AK,99,55 On the turn I hit two top pair and against most of his range I should be ahead. Again I think I need to call On the river we get a sizeable bet. Again I think I should call I didn't have a lot of info on the villain. The line he took is very strong and most likely I should have folded the river but looking at the odds, I think the call is correct. So I would appreciate your thoughts...

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    Absolutely nh and well played on your part. I like the passive approach after villain's flopraise since you guys are fairly deep and he can have 2 pairs or sets in his range a lot. On the turn we could try and maybe squeeze in a raise and get stacks in as we now beat any 2 pair and still have a lot of equity even against sets. Calling is fine too and so is your call on the river. You're only behind against 99, 55 or the odd 76hh and beat aces up.
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      Overall very nice hand. Against someone with those stats I would never expect to see 2-pair on that flop, but 32 hands is not enough to come to such conclusions. I like a shove on the turn since you still have decent equity even against a set and will run into AK a fair amount of the time. Calling turn and river is great as well. Calling river isn't the greatest situation to find yourself in, but there isn't a whole lot that can be done about it here I don't think.


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        thank you guys,
        I was really thinking I went overboard with this one.
        Nice to read that it was ok



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