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2NL 6-max 89s facing river shove

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  • 2NL 6-max 89s facing river shove

    I find this hand interesting and I am wondering if my play on the river was correct V_1: VPIP:19 PRF:11 AF:3 AFq:53 The hand is 5-handed. I opt to play 89s from UTG. This I rarely do but I try to mix it up. I limp V_1 makes it 3x and I call as we are both deep enough I hit bottom 2 on the flop and decide to check-raise V_1 is nice enough to C-bet so I re-raise and get called As I don't expect villain to bet on the turn, I lead myself and get flat called The river gives possible flush but I am not too worried so I lead out for a value bet Villain shoves. What should I do ?

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    Hey betsizer,

    first things first, I think you should be either raising or folding preflop. Having a limping range with weak hands like that opens your game up against aggressive players utilizing thier position on you. In some games it can pay off if you expect to get paid huge postflop when you make your hands, but usually initiative and forcing people behind you to fold are too big advantages of raising.

    As played I like your line, you can get good value from Ax and draws OTF and OTT. The river is close but I think you have a valuebet against Ax. Once villain shoves you can safely fold here expecting to see flushes or better 2 pair a lot.
    Live Trainer


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      thank you for your point of view.
      I will consider raising there.
      I just like to mix it up and sometimes (very rare) will limp a very strong hand as well.
      Appreciate the positive feedback and will try to learn from it as usual


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        The best way of mixing up your play is to limp less and fold/raise more

        Fold more in early position and raise wider in late position, particularly the button.


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          Looks a lot like AK, or some AdXd.



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