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2nl resteal with KJo

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  • 2nl resteal with KJo

    22/17 button steal 2/5; fold to 3b 0/1 fold to cb flop 2/3; turn 0/1 60 hands My question is, do we continue barreling on the turn since we caught up some equity? If yes, for how much? If no, in what sutuation would firing the turn be a good idea?

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    Hi Praydk,

    I might wait a few more orbits to collect more data on villain before restealing with KJo but yea it's definitely an option. KJo is too weak to call OOP and I think we can include it in our 3betting range. I'd make it 0.20$ (add 1bb for being OOP)

    Flop is a close decision for me to cbet. If I want to think about hands that would call a 3bet IP against me the Q and 8 going together and with the two clubs OTF I think there will be many hands that can continue against us and I would not expect to get as much folds to my cbet in this spot as compared to a flop like 3Q5r. I also say its close because its less worse than a flop like Q87ss. I'm more inclined to x/f on the latter.

    If we think of hands that will call our 3bet preflop and call our bet OTF {AQ, JJ-88, 33, AcJc, AcTc, KQs, QJs-98s, KcJc, KcTc, QTs} and we use a tool like Flopzilla we notice that the Turn gives their range 56.2% TP+ and from the rest of their range some hands like AcTc will not fold to a turn bet - I estimate a turn bet will only work 25% of the time. So even though the T slightly helps our hand, I think it would also help their range too a good amount of the time. So in this spot I think because we a) don't have enough fold equity and b) we don't have good hand equity also because their are two clubs on board so some of our outs can be tainted so I think we have to take a x/f line OTT.

    "in what sutuation would firing the turn be a good idea?"
    when we have both a) fold equity &or b) hand equity



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